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Extreme Things Celebrities Do For Their Dogs

Extreme Things Celebrities Do For Their Dogs

Just like us, celebrities are crazy about their dogs. The difference is that they have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on their furry companions. Some of the extreme things celebrities do for their dogs are a bit excessive, but we'd probably do them too if we could afford it!

Celebrity pets have their own social media accounts, attend some of the hottest parties in Hollywood and even have their own chauffeurs. They dress in expensive clothes and their jewelry probably costs more than all of your accessories combined. Some of these pets are well-known, as they travel all over the world with their owners, while others stay at home with their dedicated pet sitters most of the time.

It's true, the world really has gone to the dogs. Most of us treat our canine companions like they are members of our family. We feed them the healthiest dog food, buy them the best dog toys that we can afford and make sure they are always cared for. Celebrities do the same thing; they can just afford a much higher quality of product than most of us.

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Extreme Things Celebrities Do For Their Dogs

Extreme Things Celebrities Do For Their Dogs
Photo: Red Carpet Report on Media TV

Country music fans know Carrier Underwood for her amazing voice, but many of them don't realize that her rat terrier, Ace, tags along with her on every tour. Underwood pays enormous fees every year to bring Ace with her into every hotel that she stays at.

Ace is a regular in Underwood's social media posts as well. She shows pictures of him eating from NHL star Mike Fisher's plate. Fisher is Underwood's husband, and the two often post photos of Ace snuggling with them in bed. When asked about all the money that she spends on Ace, Underwood always tells reporters the same thing – it's worth every penny!

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Britney Spears is another famous songstress who enjoys pampering her pooches. Although she has more than one, her Chihuahua, Bit Bit, seems to be her favorite. Bit Bit has been to a number of red carpet events and has also been photographed as some infamous Hollywood parties.

Spears enjoys dining out at some of the fanciest restaurants in the world, and of course Bit Bit gets to tag along too. The dog enjoys sampling the gourmet dishes along with her mom, and she doesn't even have to share a plate. That's right, Spears orders small portions of some of the tastiest foods on the planet for her pint-sized pooch.

It was revealed in conservatorship paperwork that Brit dropped $30,000 on her dogs in 2013.

The extreme things celebrities do for their dogs don't stop there. Lisa Vanderpump is a Real Housewives star. For those of you who have no idea what that means, Real Housewives is a series of television shows that follows the drama and daily lives of the wives of the rich and famous.

Lisa is known for enjoying over-the-top luxuries, and so is her Pomeranian, Giggy. The pup's formal name is Gigolo, and he is used to living in the lap of luxury. Giggy drinks from his Baccarat crystal dog bowl and his own extensive collection of designer doggy clothes.

Extreme Things Celebrities Do For Their Dogs
Photo: State Farm

Giggy Vanderpump is so popular he has his own celebrity agent. He's able to communicate with his fans via his personal Facebook page, and the pampered pooch is carried virtually everywhere he goes so his paws don't have to touch the floor.

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Ryan Gosling refers to his mixed breed, George, as the love of his life. I think there are plenty of dog owners out there that view their canine companion in the same light. Ryan makes sure to take exceptionally good care of George by bringing him along to almost every interview and appearance that he makes.

George's stylish mohawk has been seen in magazines and on the set of late night television talk shows. To keep his ‘do looking great, Gosling hired George his own personal hair stylist. Not a dog groomer – a professional hairdresser. How's that for extreme things celebrities do for their dogs?

Extreme Things Celebrities Do For Their Dogs
Photo: Jackson-West

Not all pampered pooches are owned by Hollywood stars. Queen Elizabeth herself has four spoiled Corgis. Holly, Vulcan, Candy and Willow travel with the Queen to whichever royal home she is staying in, and the royal chefs prepare gourmet meals for the dogs every day.

The Queen makes each dog their own personal Christmas stocking every year, and she cares for the pups herself whenever her schedule allows. The extreme thins celebrities do for their dogs may seem outrageous to us, but it all goes to show that they care about their canine companions and will do whatever they can to give them the best care possible. Isn't that what we all do?

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There are countless other celebs that go to great lengths to care for their dogs. Oprah's dogs are said to have a $30 million trust fund, and Paris Hilton's dogs hangout in a $325,000 air conditioned dog house that is a replica of the stars' mansion. One of Hilton's many dogs, a Chihuahua named Tinkerbell, sports her own diamond encrusted dog collar.

Once, when an airline refused to allow Mariah Carey's Jack Russell to ride in first class with her due to his size, Carey hired the dog his own personal Mercedes to take him across the country to her event. Jennifer Anniston has said that her late pooch lived to the ripe age of 15 due to the fact that he ate only organic food and had his own personal masseuse.

Now it’s your turn

Have you done something a little excessive to spoil your pooch? What would you do for your dog if money wasn't an issue? Leave us a note in the comments or send us a picture of your pampered pooch on Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to see your spoiled pup!

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