Home Dog News This is Every Dog Owners Worst Nightmare!

This is Every Dog Owners Worst Nightmare!

This is Every Dog Owners Worst Nightmare

Alicia Westmoreland lives in Surprise, Arizona, but the last “surprise” she wanted was to find out her beloved Australian Shepherd, Ozzie, had escaped from her local groomers and is now missing. Best Friend's Grooming salon located near Grand Avenue and Dysart road had to make a dreaded phone call to Ozzie's pet mom, when the anxious dog bolted from their establishment after having a bath.

According to the salon, it was a perfect mix of coincidence that enabled the 6 year-old dog to make a break for it. The receptionist was bringing another client in through the safety gate when Ozzie snapped his leash, bolted through the guard gate, then forced his way out the front door.

Before any of the good folks at the salon could react, he had already ran too far off into the distance to catch.

This is Every Dog Owners Worst Nightmare
Photo: Family Photo / 12News

Of course, a tearful Westmoreland is devastated by the occurrence and sadly recalls how Ozzie loves to bite at the water coming from the hose when her boyfriend is tending to their lawn. This is the first time a dog has ever escaped from the Best Friends Grooming salon, and they are making huge efforts to get Ozzie back to his owner.

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They immediately closed up shop the day of the incident and looked far-and-wide for the lost canine. They have also put up countless flyers around the small town and are offering a reward for Ozzie's return.

Both the salon and Ozzie's family are asking the public to call 12 News at (602) 444-1212 if you have any information on Ozzie's whereabouts.

We, as pet parents, never want one of our fur babies to go missing. The heartache is unbearable and we feel the same as if it were a real child. But there are ways to safeguard our pets against being lost forever.

First, you should always have your pets microchipped. This tiny computer chip contains all your pet's information and is safely and painlessly implanted under the skin. When your lost pet is found, any veterinarian or shelter can scan the for the chip and return your pet to you.

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This is Every Dog Owners Worst Nightmare
Photo: Family Photo / 12News

Second, make sure your pets are wearing a collar with their ID tags secured to it. This makes it easy for any person who finds your animal to simply take the information from the tag and call you directly.

Third, make sure your pets are always secured. This tip includes having a properly fitting collar and leash, a fenced-in back yard or just being mindful when you are getting in and out of your vehicle when your pet is along for the ride.

Lastly, be sure to have your pets spayed and neutered. Altered dogs and cats tend to not want to wander off as much as those that are left intact. Safeguard your beloved fur babies from getting lost by all means possible. The ounce of prevention you do now, will save you a ton of heartache down the road.

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