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Your Family Can Keep Track of Who Feeds Fido With This New App

Your Family Can Keep Track of Who Feeds Fido With This New App
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Have you ever fed your dog only to realize that someone else in your family had already done it too? When your furry family member gives you those adorable “I’m so hungry” eyes, it’s impossible to tell whether he has already eaten or if he’s just trying to trick you. There is now an app that makes it easier for families to communicate to each other what they’ve already done with their pet.

Designed to be a household helper, DogSync is a task managing app that helps families communicate and sync activities like walking, feeding, and medicating Fido. How is it possible to sync real life activities? Simple!

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The basic principal behind DogSync is that pets require a lot of care, and that can get complicated when an entire household is working together to get the job done. People forget to do things and forget to remind others when things have already been done. With DogSync, you can immediately add time-stamped completed tasks to the app for your entire family to see.

Your Family Can Keep Track of Who Feeds Fido With This New App
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All of your other family members will be able to see if and when the task was completed and they will all get a push notification about the activity as well. Users are able to turn the notifications off if they choose. The app also allows users to send out task requests, so mom or dad could send a request to their kids to walk the dog after school.

Competitive households will be impressed with the apps most unique feature – a stats section that shows which family member has done the most for the dog in the last week or month. The app is still in beta, but it has about 5,000 users already. Each group of caretakers is referred to as a pack, and DogSync co-founder Ben Syne says that most users who have signed up and joined a pack use the app on a daily basis.

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The company is working on adding some new features including the ability to send adorable dog photos to your pack members, and they’re ramping up a revenue model that will be centered on matching dog owners with products and services. For example, the app will be able to use the pet’s stats and past feeding schedule to determine when it is time for someone in the household to buy more dog food. It will also be able to recommend specific brands based on the dog’s needs.

The app is currently free to download in the iOS App Store and it will be available on Android devices soon.

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