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Review: Farm To Pet Turkey Chips

Now, more than ever, pet owners are looking for natural, high quality food and treats to feed their pets. Farm to Pet has a mission to deliver exactly what their names says, provide single ingredient treats straight from the farm to our pets.

Dehydrated pet food products are becoming more popular, as they naturally preserve the food without the need for chemicals or artificial ingredients.

The process of dehydration removes about 98% of the food's water content. It preserves the food while still maintaining its nutritional content, flavor and color.

My dogs eat a homemade diet. Their treats are usually fresh, whole food snacks like carrots and fresh meat.

They eat a very healthy diet, but it has made them quite picky when it comes to commercial dog food and treats. I was pleased to see that they thoroughly enjoyed these turkey chips from Farm to Pet.

Farm To Pet Turkey Chips Review

Farm to Pet Turkey ChipsAs I mentioned, every treat offered by Farm to Pet is made with just one ingredient. Dehydrated turkey is the only ingredient in these turkey chips.

The chips are made with cage-free, human-grade turkey breast meat. I am passionate about buying products made and sourced in the USA, so I was happy to discover that the meat for these treats comes from a farm in Iowa and they're made in Chicago.

They contain 5-10 calories per chip, depending on the size. As you'll see in my video review, it is easy to break a chip into smaller pieces for small breeds or training purposes.

You can also purchase chicken chips from Farm to Pet. Each flavor comes in 2 sizes:

  • 4-ounce bag – $15.95
  • 12-ounce bag – $34.95

While this is quite a bit more expensive than the cheap biscuit treat options that you can find on the shelves of big box stores, these treats are also much healthier for your pet.

In fact, most of those cheap biscuit treats provide very little nutritional value.

In my opinion, these dog treats from Farm to Pet are a good value for the money. They provide a nutritional benefit to your dog without any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Personally, I would rather pay a little bit more to provide a healthier option for my pack. I know they won't be affordable on every budget, especially if you have multiple dogs, but I do believe you get what you pay for when it comes to pet food and treats.

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