File Your Dog’s Nails Quickly with the Peticure

No one likes to cut their pet's nails. Most dogs don't like it and pet owners are always worried that they are going to hit the quick of the nail and cause their dog pain. With a rotary tool like the Peticure you can file your dog's nails without hurting him.

Inside the Peticure is a nail file that spins on the rotary tool. It will quickly and easily file your pet's nails and the guard on the outside will keep your from making them too short. The plastic guard also catches all the filings so there is no messy cleanup.

Since the noise of the tool may frighten your pet at first, spending a few days acclimating him to it before you begin filing his nails is recommended. The attachments should last as long as you have the Peticure. If you care for them properly, as stated in the instruction booklet, you should never need to replace them.

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