10 Most Addictive Free Dog Games Online (Desktop, Android, iPhone)

When you can't get enough dogs in real life, what's better than to play with them in online games?

There are a number of online free dog games out there, but many are just too poorly made and aren't as pleasurable.

After testing about 100 online dog games, we've picked out the 10 most addictive and best free dog games online to play on your desktop computers, iPhone, and Android devices.

Note that for most of these free dog games online (except if you're playing on Android or iPhone), you will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled on your browser. Each dog game website will prompt you to download the Flash player, and it's safe to download and install the browser plugin (it's also free).

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Atom & Quark Spaced Out Free Dog Game Online

10 Online Free Dog Games You Can't Stop Playing

Atom & Quark Spaced Out

Play It Here

Defeat aliens alongside a scientist named Atom and his loyal canine friend, Quark.

Booster Media game production has released several successful, free dog games online using these lovable characters.

Spaced Out has an obvious influence from the golden age of video games when arcades abound as the game models its design and gameplay after classics like Space Invaders and the Japanese staple, Galaga.

Much like those old-school video games, Spaced Out’s landscape is a simple backdrop that loops, giving the sensation of upward movement.

Game designers and enthusiasts call this parallax scrolling, which gives 2D games (like Spaced Out) the feeling of a more complex, expansive virtual world, the largest among all other free dog games online.

As Quark, the space dog, you maneuver through a star and planet-studded void that continuously scrolls down.

You can collect nuts to help repair your spacecraft as you glide through the vast, open galaxy.

Avoid the meandering little green men in their saucers and space rocks, or watch your health diminish fast.

Dog Simulator Puppy Craft Free Dog Game Online

Dog Simulator Puppy Craft

Play It Here

No list of free dog games online is complete if we don't include an additional option for Android devices.

In Dog Simulator Puppy Craft, wreak havoc as an adorable puppy through this animated world created by the talented team of HGamesArt.

Choose from a list of different breeds to personalize your canine avatar, including American Yellow Lab and Alaskan Huskey.

You can change vantage points to see your puppy character from the front, but the main point of view is theirs, allowing you to experience the virtual world through the playing character's perspective.

The game's objectives are as simple as the controls, making this an ideal app for young game enthusiasts.

Chase and catch mice throughout different households, break valuable items, jump up on furniture, and steal delicious cheeseburgers right off the dining table.

The more chaos you cause, the more points you earn, which allows you to advance to the next level and open new houses to explore.

These free dog games are available online on desktop and Android mobile devices.

In the Dog House Free Dog Game Online

In the Dog House

Play It Here

Based out of London, Nitrome is a popular, fan-favorite video game developer responsible for several free dog games online, but In the Dog House is their most popular.

Nitrome is an independent company known for its very well-developed, expensive-looking but free online and mobile games, and In the Dog House is their highest performer.

The game is a high-quality pixelated creation with an obvious and nostalgic nod to early arcade games.

As an interactive puzzle, you can help the dog, which looks like a Terrier breed, maneuver through his home to reach the kitchen where yummy dog food awaits him.

There are distractions and obstacles along the way, so keep the dog’s divergent attention by throwing the bone in the direction you wish the pooch to go.

The graphics and details, which are superior to many other free dog games online, make this particular game especially fun for those of all ages. While not too difficult, the game is based on sliding puzzles, requiring you to use your deduction skills to create the correct combination.

It's perfect for kids and their learning. This game is free online on several websites, including Nitrome’s.

Pet Vet Doctor - Dogs Free Dog Game Online

Pet Vet Doctor: Dogs

Play It Here

Pet Vet Doctor is one of the very few great free dog games online that are compatible with iPhones, and it allows you to try on a veterinarian’s shoes for a day.

Use tools to help identify issues with sick dogs, such as a magnifying glass, thermometer, and X-ray machine.

These items allow you to reveal dog health conditions (such as a broken bone, ear infection, tick infestation, and more).

You will help any number of patients, from a Yellow Lab named Angel to a Bulldog named Luke.

Once successfully treated with a cast or ear drops, you can photograph the healed animal to keep for your records.

While it's a free dog game, in-game purchases for the game help you unlock new tools and more canine patients (but all of them are optional and not required to continue playing).

Some of the graphics are colorful and cartoon-esque, especially the game’s thumbnail and a veterinarian that helps you throughout gameplay as a tutorial guide.

However, the graphics for the dogs and veterinarian office are more sophisticated, especially compared to many other free dog games online, although there’s not much to interact with.

The dogs have been given the very simple programming of lightly wagging their tail and painting while on the examination table.

Raiders Took My Dog Free Dog Game Online

Raiders Took My Dog

Play It Here

The Raiders Took My Dog is a shooter game that can be played for free online on your Desktop computer and is equipped with a simple storyline: get your dog back from the raiders who stole it.

The post-apocalyptic landscape has your avatar battling muscled men in armored masks, rogue robots, and blade-swinging ninjas.

Graffiti, radioactive waste, and crumbling concrete structures add to the Mad Max ambiance as you utilize several different guns and other weapons to defeat your enemy’s army.

The game utilizes horizontal parallax scrolling so your character continuously moves to the right of your screen as they explore their virtual world.

Like a few other free dog games online, the graphics are characteristically retro-inspired, calling back to the days of the late ’80s and early ’90s, which older gamers are sure to enjoy and appreciate.

Mini Pets Free Dog Game Online

Mini Pets

Play It Here

Tycoon-type of video game lovers will be disappointed with this free dog games list if we don't include any, so here's Mini Pets.

It's a popular, free tycoon-style game for the young and young at heart. Mini Pets allows you to breed a variety of animals.

Expand your shelter to include different breeds, from Beagles to long-haired cats to rabbits and even tigers.

You can hire more help by selecting additional caretakers, building new pens and crates, and even decorating to gain more visitors.

Cheery, vibrant graphics and an overly helpful guide named Katie make this game very kid-friendly and easy to play.

If you love Tycoon-type online games, you might quickly get addicted to this one. Mini Pets is available on several game sites and through Google Play.

Dogs in Space Free Dog Game Online

Dogs in Space

Play It Here

As a player in Dogs in Space, you follow Belka and Strelka, two canine astronauts stranded in a spacecraft far from home.

The spacecraft becomes a labyrinth for our two heroes as they perform a set of tasks, solve puzzles, and use problem-solving skills to make it through multiple levels.

This dynamic duo works together to escape the spacecraft and explore the open surface of the cratered moon. The graphics are much simpler than those of other free dog games online mentioned above, and movement is achieved with a keyboard on the browser.

The storyline for the two heroes, one a Boston Terrier and the other a Bull Terrier, complete with an adorable black spot on its eye, have you rooting for their safe trip back to Earth.

There’s also a Dogs in Space 2, which is also available for free through game sites geared toward children looking for educational entertainment.

Gone to the Dogs Free Dog Game Online

Gone to the Dogs

Play It Here

Gone to the Dogs is the best one among strategy-free dog games online in which you play a greyhound owner just starting in the business of dog racing, gambling, and bookkeeping.

Interesting characters – with movie character-inspired names like Vinny Vegas and “The Dog Father” – along the way are there to help you (for a price).

The famous dog trainers within the game offer specific knowledge, helping your speedy hound to improve their skill set and chances of beating their fellow canine opponents by focusing on certain qualities.

For example, Mr. Vegas will improve your dog’s attitude, whereas others specialize in stamina or speed.

You begin the game with a set budget and can choose which racing dog you’d like to start with.

Each has a different value level, defined by many qualities, including speed, attitude, stamina, fitness, and reaction time.

Similar to a few other online free dog games, this one quickly becomes addictive.

There are different types of races you can enter, and depending on your dog’s stats, you may use strategy to better your chances of winning.

For example, if your dog has excellent stamina and mediocre speed, it will probably outrun its opponents in a long endurance race rather than a quick one-lapper.

Place bets on your training canine before the race and win or lose big based on their performance.

Word Up Dog Free Dog Game Online

Word Up Dog

Play It Here

Word Up Dog is a unique word and spelling game that’s far more interactive than the Sunday paper’s crossword puzzle.

The game’s main character is a red-hatted black and white spotted pup who, hungry and out of food, goes searching for bones in the dirt.

However, while digging, the earth collapses and sends him deep underground.

In this underground world, you can collect both bones and letters.

Blocks of the earth are only unlocked by relinquishing your precious bones, so you can’t move if you run out of bones (your currency).

When you get low on bones, you can “sell” words utilizing the letters you’ve collected during your digging exploits.

The longer or more difficult the word is, the more bones are earned.

Spelling is easy as all collected letters are displayed at the top of the screen, visible throughout gameplay.

Helpful critters along the way, such as monkeys and lizards, offer bargaining resources and tips on how to get back home.

Colorful, hip-hop-inspired graphics keep the game fresh, and players who tire of spelling will enjoy the added problem-solving aspect of the game, as rock and concrete sometimes block your character’s path.

Word Up Dog is one of the more learning-focused free dog games online for kids, and it's available on Desktop and iPhone.

Virtual Dog on Dogzer Free Dog Game Online

Virtual Dog on Dogzer

Play It Here

While there are many sites of free dog games online for kids and adults that boast virtual pets, Dogzer’s canines are set apart, mainly because the whole site is free to use and full of interactive games.

In Virtual Dog, choose your dog’s breed, sex, and coat color or pattern, and after the quick process of creating an account, you’re the proud owner of a virtual pet. (

Note: breeds come with different perks; while a Beagle has amazing scent skills, a Huskey will have strength and endurance.)

The graphics of this dog game are decent, although they lack the real-time motion and excitement that comes with a video game, and a few other free dog games online mentioned above have done it slightly better.

Instead, this is more old-school, where still-screen images and pop-up blurbs help tell the story of your virtual canine’s life and emotions.

After naming your pooch in Virtual Dog, you can cuddle and play with them.

There’s a marketplace where you can purchase (both in real dollars and with the site’s coin currency) accessories and toys for your pet.

Enter competitions and successfully complete quests to gain rewards, which can come in a variety of forms, including bones, time, points, and coins. The muted tones and small type font of the site can make initial gameplay hard to grasp, but once you learn where different options are available, logging in and checking on your virtual pet becomes easier.

Work your way up through the ranks to the ‘Breeder’ level, which allows you to set up mating between your dog and another online user’s pet.

Together, you could make the next award-winning show dog or agility champion.

Similar to games like Farm Simulator, it can become addictive.

Note that, like a few other free dog games online, while it doesn't cost to play, there are ways to spend real money within the game, so if your kid is playing it – be mindful.

Best Online Free Dog Games: Conclusion

Hopefully, you like and try out our list of online free dog games.

My favorites are In the Dog House and Raiders Took My Dog.

Give any of these a try, and let us know in the comments below which ones you liked!

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