Friendly Golden Retriever Becomes BFFs with Neglected Mini-Horse
Photo: Darlene Kindle
Molly, the dog, and Sammy, the horse, are now viral internet stars because of their heartwarming friendship, which was caught on video.

Darlene Kindle has a demanding and challenging job as the director of the Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance shelter. But she has some help from her Golden Retriever, Molly, who has a skill for making rescued animals feel safe.

One such animal that's probably thankful for Molly's presence is Sammy, a neglected mini-horse. Sammy was basically “skin and bones” when he was brought to Darlene's place. He was also terrified of the humans around him.

But a month after his rehabilitation, Sammy is slowly recovering and he has made a friend in Molly. According to Darlene, the two have been inseparable since the horse arrived.

Molly's Gift

Darlene gave animal lovers a peak of the friendship between Molly and Sammy in a video she shared on Facebook. It showed Molly sitting in front of Sammy, allowing the horse to nuzzle and stroke her with his head, while Molly returned the gesture.

Dog with the friend horse
Photo: Darlene Kindle

Darlene described her dog as somewhat like an enthusiastic Wal-Mart greater. She welcomed every animal that comes to the farm, but she's mostly attached to mini-horses perhaps because they're roughly her height.

The rescue worker also said that Molly has a gift for knowing which animal needed more love and care because they're sad. This was Molly's main job at the shelter.

The mini horse being washed
Photo: Darlene Kindle

Sammy's History

Sometime in July, Darlene got a call from another shelter about Sammy. Described as a silver dapper mini-horse, Sammy was estimated to be around four to six years old and had been wandering the streets when South Carolina animal control found him. The horse would've been euthanized because he was in really bad shape if Darlene had not taken him under her care.

Sammy weighed just 200 pounds when he ideally should be 300 pounds for his age. Aside from being malnourished, Sammy had problems with his gait and teeth. After deworming and paying attention to his immediate medical and grooming needs, Darlene and her team have been keeping a very close watch on the horse.

As soon as Sammy is healthier, he will get dental surgery and a potential operation for his bilateral locking patellas. He might also have to be castrated.

Sammy's Recovery

Darlene, however, is confident that Sammy will make a full recovery because the veterinarian told her the horse had this determination to live in his eyes. Aside from that, he has his best friend Molly motivating him to get better.

Best friends dog and the horse
Photo: Darlene Kindle

Following their viral video, Darlene posted another update to tell eager followers of Molly and Sammy's story that the horse has been gaining weight. He's also no longer walking as bad as before and will likely get a trimming for his hooves. Only time will tell if his steps improve, though.

Popular Golden Retrievers

According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers like Molly are popular in America because of their friendly nature and well-mannered temperament. Along with Labradors and German Shepherds, this breed is one of the most devoted, obedient and intelligent dog breeds.

These animals are ideal for families with children because of their calm and gentle nature. As a testament to their calmness, Golden Retrievers usually don't bark.  However, they are far too kind and loving that they're not great as guard dogs.

The rescued horse
Photo: Darlene Kindle

Golden Retrievers love working with people and are so easy to train. They make the best companion or service dogs for people with disability. Because of their sharp sense of smell, they do well in high-risk jobs as narcotics or bomb sniffers.

In some countries, owning Golden Retrievers might be regarded as a status symbol. Some of the famous celebrities who have owned Golden Retrievers include Oprah Winfrey (Luke and Lyla), Betty White (Pontiac), Ryan Reynolds (Baxter), President Ronald Reagan (Victory) and President Gerald Ford (Liberty).

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Camden Savage is a Phoenix based writer, vegan, cupcake addict and dog lover. Years in the animal rescue trenches have taught her every aspect of dog ownership from behavioral problems, personality and breed specific trait differences of all dogs.