For any of us here, it's very obvious that dogs are loveable, friendly doofuses. They’ll make friends with almost anybody, but it’s especially cute when those friends are other animals.

Here are some of the most adorable and unusual friendships dogs have made!

1. Isn’t he foxy?

Kind of like the cartoon ‘The Fox and the Hound’, but with a happy ending.


2. Monkey business

Unlikely Dog Friendships
Read their unlikely friendship in this book

Orange you glad to see us?


3. Yum, you got some leftovers in your beard!

Unlikely Dog Friendships
Barcroft USA /

The wiener dog was never more thankful for No-Shave November.


4. I’ll work out all the knots out, don’t worry.

And since were friends, I’ll only charge you half of my usual rate!


5. Look, I’m gonna do a cannonball!

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Oh dear god, here we go again.


6. Girl, are you Hoodini? Because I’m under your spell.

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Wow, I’ve never heard that one before. You must be a hoot at parties.


7. What do you mean are my kids adopted?

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Don’t you see we have the exact same nose?


8. I almost got you confused with a shark, Duggie.

Unlikely Dog Friendships

So please ignore the warm, yellowish water around me.


9. Why can’t we bring Bambi home with us?

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Human, you know what happened to his Mom, don’t be so heartless.


10. When I said I like chicks, this is not what I meant.

Unlikely Dog Friendships

But hey, at least they’re fluffy.


11. Is it ill-eagle that we're this good looking?

Unlikely Dog Friendships

That joke is getting old fast, Fido.


12. I’m just not ready to commit yet, Doggo

the dog and turtle

Can we take it slow?


13. Can you believe they thought scooping dog poop is tiring?

Unlikely Dog Friendships

There in for an udder kind of surprise now.


14. Why so thorny, Bob?

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Because you hogged all the treats. Again.


15. We go together like hot dogs and bacon

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Vegan, of course.


16. Don’t listen to them, Karen.

Unlikely Dog Friendships

I’m sorry, they goat to me.


17. Can’t believe I thought you were a jackass!

Unlikely Dog Friendships

It could have been worse. At least you didn’t try to pin a tail on me.


18. What are you hiding?

I'm just going to hide this here.

Nutthin’, I swear! I’m just checking if you have fleas.


19. Remember that Counting Crows concert, where We first met?

dog plays with crow

Don’t you dare bring that up, you’re not getting my clothespin!


20. Cheese? Where?

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Oh. You meant smile.


21. I feel like Hussein Bark!

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Calm down doofus, it’s just a game of tag, not a marathon.


21. You’re my brother from another mother!

Unlikely Dog Friendships

Don’t patronize me. I know you hang out with me, so the kids would ride me instead.

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The Unlikely Dog Friendships Will Make You Go Awww

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