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FuzzBunz Expanding Their Pet Product Line

FuzzBunz Expanding Their Pet Product Line
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FuzzBunz Premium Pet Products, located in Los Angeles, California, recently announced the expansion of their dog leash line. The company’s leashes are made from durable and safe materials. They use the highest quality nylon to ensure their products are resistant to wear, tear, and fray. They are expecting their new red leash to become a bestseller quickly.

Marissa, a spokesperson for FuzzBunz, said that the company is committed to providing excellent quality products and that pet safety is their first priority. That doesn’t mean that their leashes need to look boring dull. They want their products to be stylish and functional, and since red is a very well-liked color they assume the red leash will end up being one of their fastest sellers.

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FuzzBunz leashes have an ergonomic design that is complete with a padded handle for added comfort. The handles are lined with neoprene, making them lightweight and odor-resistant. They are also made with double-sided reflective stitching to increase their nighttime visibility to keep dogs and their owners safe while walking in dim light or after dark.

FuzzBunz Expanding Their Pet Product Line
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These dog leashes also have a sturdy nickel-plated snap hook and a D-Ring on the handle to attach poop bags, car keys, or anything else a dog owner or dog walker may need. FuzzBunz leashes can be used on any breed weighing 25-150 pounds. The company also offers a no-hassle, money-back guarantee or replacement with every leash.

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FuzzBunz Premium Pet Products leashes are currently only sold on Amazon, and right now they have a 4.8 star review with over 160 consumers weighing in. The expansion of their leash line is just the first of many things that the company has planned for the near future. The great response they are receiving from customers is spurring them to continue expanding the leash line to add more colors and styles. They are also looking for a fun new way to promote the product.

Currently they are only offering the leashes in black, blue, and now red. The company is hoping that the strength and comfort of the leashes paired with their money back guarantee will encourage more consumers to try them. Eventually they would like to expand the brand to offer more dog products as well, but right now they’re focusing strictly on the leash line.

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