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10 Best Gifts for Doggy Day Care Employees

Top 10 Best Gifts for Doggy Day Care Employees

If you take your pooch to doggy daycare regularly, and you (and your pup) have had a great experience with a particular place and its staff, especially if there are a lot of volunteers, you may want to surprise them with an occasional gift. After all, those people take care of your dog and that is reason enough to show your gratitude. So, we've asked around, and below are some of the gifts that doggy daycare employees mention to really appreciate.

1. Kikkerland Dog Butts Animal Magnets

Kikkerland Dog Butts Animal MagnetsThis cute set of 6 magnets is a funny and creative gift for doggy daycare employees, and it's also very cheap (it's the thought that counts, right?) The magnets are strong and measure approximately 1.25 x 0.625 inches. Designed by a well-known designed Steph Mantis, this magnets set includes the behinds of 5 different breeds (Scottie butt, Pug butt, Retriever butt, Dalmatian butt, and Poodle butt), plus one hydrant.

2. Dog Wisdom Stemless Wine Glasses

Dog Wisdom Stemless Wine GlassesDoggy daycare employees probably don’t drink wine on the job (or at least we hope they don't), but that doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate this set of 4 stemless wine glasses with witty, inspirational messages from dogs. And since these glasses come without a stem, they can be used for other beverages as well, which are likely to be allowed to drink during your working hours. It's a little more expensive than magnets, but the glasses are of high quality and worth the price tag.

3. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

Delomo Pet Grooming GloveWorking in a doggie daycare center requires a lot of grooming of dogs, obviously. While they generally have their own supplies, some of the grooming tools are the ones that wear out the quickest. This very popular grooming glove is an affordable and great gift since it allows the employees to remove excess hairs from dogs, cats, and other pets so they don’t end up all over the place. It can also be used as a bath brush and reach those hard-to-get places like a dog’s tail.

4. Sound Oasis Pet Bluetooth Sound Machine

Sound Oasis Pet Bluetooth Sound MachineThis techie gift idea is on the more expensive side but when you really feel grateful for the work the employees have done, and if you can afford it, doggie daycare staff will certainly love it. This portable speaker is pre-loaded with soothing music that can help not only dogs with their anxiety and calm them down but also calm down the employees themselves as they deal with stressful days. It can be paired with Bluetooth devices and comes with a Micro SD card so the staff can add any music they find suitable.

5. Barnyard Designs Live Love Eat Treats Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

Barnyard Designs Large Dog Treat ContainerDoggie daycare employees surely hand out a bunch of dog treats on a daily basis to their resident canine companions. With that in mind, they can certainly use a good dog treat jar like this one. It is dishwasher-safe, made out of strong ceramic, while the lid is made from solid bamboo. With this treat jar, the employees will be able to keep the treats fresh for a longer time, something you yourself are likely interested in if you know your pooch is a big fan of them when staying over at the daycare.

6. Bath and Body Gift Basket for Women and Men

Bath and Body Gift Basket for Women and MenGift baskets are always a welcome present, and just because they work at a doggy daycare doesn't mean your gift should be only dog-related. This particular gift basket contains 9 pieces of bath and body products. Some of the items you may find in this basket include body oil, body scrub, bubble bath, bath salts, etc. These products are meant for both women and men, so there’s bound to be something interesting for all doggy daycare employees, or whoever you choose to specifically single out for your gratitude.

7. Funny Dog Signs

Funny dog signs are a perfect present for doggie daycare employees with a sense of humor. Here are some examples to consider, though there are many more out there:

    • Funny Dog SignsDoggy daycare staff will surely enjoy the acrylic “Crazy Dogs Live Here…” sign with laser-engraved letters.
    • The “We’re Dog People” sign is one of my favorites and will be one of the staff's favorites, too – it's simple and classy, especially the hand-written, rustic wood box.

8. Food

Classic Fruit BasketYou just can’t go wrong with food if you are looking for a perfect gift for anybody, including staff at a dog daycare. One of the ways you can gift food to doggie daycare employees is with a gift basket. For example, this Classic Fruit Basket or this Dried Fruit Tray Gift will surely be a nice surprise for all the fruit lovers at the dog boarding facility.

You can also go with this more expensive Connoisseur Gift Basket which can satisfy even the sweetest tooth among doggie daycare employees. And if you are looking for a personal touch (and something much cheaper), baking a tray of cookies is always a good choice, especially if you use this dog-themed Cookie Cutter to make cookies into dog-related shapes.

In the end, you can always simply order pizza for all the employees at the doggie daycare. Everybody loves pizza and nobody's going to complain about free food!

9. Gift Cards

Some may say that gift cards are a bit impersonal, but not everybody agrees with it. After all, you can give doggie daycare employees a chance to choose whatever they like with the right gift card.

Gift CardsFor example, some of the most popular gift cards include Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. You can also go with Amazon gift cards to give the employees a chance to shop online as well and buy whatever they may need for their daycare.

10. Cash

This list would be incomplete without the most straightforward gift – cash. In many cases, donating money is simply the best possible gift you can give to someone, especially to a place that cares for pets. It may be a bit impersonal, but it is the most practical gift of all. You can simply leave tips for all doggie daycare employees individually, or put a certain amount of cash in an envelope and tell the employees to divide it among themselves or add that to the daycare's budget.

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