Give Your Dog a Drink On the Go with BeviQui


If you've ever had to carry a bowl along on a walk or pack a water bowl for your dog while traveling, you'll appreciate the concept of the BeviQui. It is a simple design that allows you to easily provide your pet with water when you're on the go.

This device is pocket-sized and lightweight for easy carrying, and it fits most standard bottled water bottles on the market. It comes in many colors and you can even request your favorite color when you order if they don't have it available.

You can order the Beviqui through the company's website, but they aren't sold in pet stores. It was designed and is manufactured in Italy. The patented design is fast, easy, and convenient.


  1. Thank you Samantha for this amazing article!:) If you want to discover more about the features, the materials and the functionality of our products, please get in contact with us anytime!

  2. Thank you. It seems like a really great product that would work well for dog parents like myself who enjoy taking their pets along on adventures! I will be ordering one for my girls soon now that it is FINALLY hiking season in Maine 🙂


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