The Giz Wiz Shares His Top New Pet Gadget List


Dick DeBartolo, also known as the Giz Wiz, ventured out to the 2015 Global Pet Expo last month and shared his favorite finds with ABC News. He saw everything from collars and other dog fashions, to the newest dog technologies.

The Safe Spot locking leash will lock your dog to something immovable if you ever have to tie them up while you’re in a store. He also shows the newest addition to dog food, doggy condiments. Now you can add Petchup, Bark B-Q, or Mutt-N-Aise to your dog’s dinner to add extra flavor as well as extra nutrients.

DeBartolo also showed the latest dog chew toys and treat dispensing toys. From a snack and water carrier to the Puppy Bumper, a device that keeps small dogs from slipping through large openings in fences, the Giz Wiz saw a little bit of everything at the Expo this year.