Glow-In-The-Dark Toys Make It Fun to Play Fetch at Night

Playing with your dog outdoors after dark or in low lighting can be difficult and dangerous. With these Max Glow dog toys from Chuckit! you'll never have to worry about losing another dog toy in the dark again.

The fast charging Max Glow technology lasts for at least 30 minutes so you and your pup can get a good game of fetch in before heading inside. All Max Glow products are made with durable materials including strong canvas, inner foam, and of course, Max Glow rubber.

The line of products includes the large Kick Fetch dog toy, which is a toy suitable for larger dogs, that has inverted welts to make it easier to pick up and throw. There is also the smaller Fumble Fetch and the Zip Flight which are both medium sized toys that work well for any size dog.

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