Glowdoggie Collars Keep Your Dog Easily Visable

Glowdoggie LED lighted collars will keep your dog visible in dim light or complete darkness. Whether you’re playing on the beach at sunset or walking outside at night, your dog will be seen by you, and everyone else, with the help of a Glowdoggie collar.

This German-engineered waterproof collar comes with a two year guarantee and is available in four styles: the Mini Glowdoggie, the Classic Glowdoggie, the Classic+ Glowdoggie, and the Ultra Glowdoggie.

This collar is used by some of the top Search and Rescue teams in the world, but is just as well suited for off-leash walks in the park after dark. Versatile and well-made, this collar is the highest quality LED dog collar on the market.

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