Going Boating With Your Dog? Boarding Steps Will Make It Much Easier!

Lots of dogs love the water, and spending an afternoon on a boat is a treat for dogs and their humans. If you’ve got a small breed, pulling her back up on the boat after a swim may not be very strenuous, but if you’ve got a medium or large breed it can be very hard on your back, shoulders, and arms. If your dog likes to play fetch in the water and she is constantly climbing up and down, you may not take her on the boat because it’s just too much trouble.

WaterDog Adventure Gear, also known as WAG, has a solution for this problem. WAG Boarding Steps are special dog ladders that are designed to make boating with your pet more enjoyable. In fact, they can attach to docks and pools as well, so they really make spending time with your dog near the water more enjoyable overall. Even better, they are designed and manufactured in the United Sates.

As the man in this video explains, not all dog ladders are made with equal quality. Some are cheaply made and won’t support the weight of a large breed dog climbing up and down them repetitively. These Boarding Steps by WAG are made to support canines up to 130 pounds. They feature engineered plastic, stainless steel hardware, and an anodized extruded aluminum frame.

The company actually makes canine ladders of all kinds, including for boats, docks, pools, vehicles, and for use around the home. All their ladders are made with the same sturdy construction. As this man in the video mentions, even life jackets and harnesses equipped with handles for easy lifting aren’t enough help when it comes to hefting your dog out of the water. The same can be said for lifting her onto the bed or in and out of the car. Dog ladders can be a huge benefit to your dog as well. Jumping up and down can be hard on a dog’s bones and joints, and after a while it can lead to arthritis and other joint disorders. Investing in a ladder will take strain off you and unnecessary stress off your pet’s joints.

As this man explains, he modified his WAG Boarding Steps so that they didn’t overtake the swim ladder on the boat. That’s certainly something that you could do if you didn’t want to attach it to your swim ladder, but that’s obviously not what it’s made for. I think it’s a great idea, but if you attach it to the swim ladder you can easily pull it up when not in use. Plus, it’s a lot easier for people to climb back onto the swim platform than it is for a dog, right?

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