This Grass Litter Box for Dogs is Perfect for Porches and Patios

If you don't have time to let your dog out during the day to do his business or you live in an urban area and there aren't any grassy spots for your pet to relieve himself, the Porch Potty is the perfect solution!

This device is made with waterproof resin wicker and a steel frame design. It can withstand the elements and it's strong and durable. The Standard Porch Potty has a draining system that is equipped with a 15-foot hose so you can drain the waste into a porch drain or out onto the lawn.

The Porch Potty Premium has the same draining system, but it also has two built-in sprinklers that attach to your garden hose to rinse the unit and keep it clean. You can get real or synthetic grass for your Porch Potty, and it also comes with a scented fire hydrant that will help you train your dog to do his business on the device.

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