Growpetz Releases New Ergonomic Pet Grooming Tools

One of the biggest battles that dog owners face is keeping up with the never ending amount of dog hair that is always floating around their house. The best way to prevent excessive shedding is to brush and groom your dog regularly. A new line of grooming tools from Growpetz is ergonomically designed and reduces shedding time to just minutes.

Growpetz is known for manufacturing high quality pet products, and now they’ve launched their new grooming tool that they hope will make the lives of dog owners a little easier. The tool is available on Amazon, and it comes with three interchangeable blades instead of the industry-standard single blade.

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The grooming tool comes with a stainless steel  4-inch blade, 2.7-inch blade, and a 2-inch blade, making it possible to groom any size pet. Typically pet owners would have to purchase one set of clippers for small breeds and an additional set for large breeds, so Growpetz is hoping their product will be popular with multi-pet owners.

Growpetz Releases New Ergonomic Pet Grooming Tools

Most consumers are giving the grooming tool a positive rating on Amazon and are very pleased with it overall. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold. The company claims that it will only take a few minutes to make a pet’s coat look healthy and shiny with this instrument.

Many of the positive reviews have stated that customers enjoy the tools’ design and that it really does brush through a dog’s coat in just minutes. Many buyers have also noted that their dog seems to enjoy being brushed with this tool thanks to its gentle teeth that are soothing to the skin.

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Keith Kruger, a spokesperson for Growpetz, explains that excessive shedding can have a lot of negative effects on the humans in the home. Dog hair and dander can make allergies worse, and it creates a never-ending mess that pet parents are constantly battling. He says that the company’s new tool will help reduce shed time, which benefits the pet’s overall health and helps to stimulate the natural oils in their coat.

Currently, the only products offered by Growpetz are their deshedding tool and an innovative retractable dog leash that is also designed with an ergonomic handle. Both products can be ordered on the company’s website or through Amazon, and interested pet owners can also email the company or place an order by phone.

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