Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Toy No Way

Yes, you read that right. There is now a dog toy that has been GUARANTEED to be indestructible. In fact, it’s even been used with lions, tigers, and elephants, as you’ll see in the video below. Thanks to the patent-pending design of this innovative toy, no animal has ever been able to destroy a Varsity Ball.

I know it’s mind-blowing!

Varsity Pets has sold thousands of these dog toys, and they have never had a report from a pet owner whose dog has been able to destroy it.

If your dog is able to ruin this ball, the company will not only replace your Varsity Ball but also send you a refund for 10% of your purchase price.

That’s why they say it is 110% guaranteed.

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Guaranteed Indestructible Dog ToyEven better, Varsity Pets is an American-owned business, and every Varsity Ball is made in the USA.

You can throw this ball around for your pet, but he can also use it on his own.

This toy requires no human interaction, which makes it a great choice for dogs that spend a lot of time alone while their owner is away at work.

It’s designed to stimulate your dog’s natural instincts to herd and foster his drive to play.

It’s too big for your pup to get his mouth around it.

I don’t know that it would entertain my dogs, but the company claims that it will.

Our dogs love carrying toys in their mouths and picking up a toy to keep it away from their sisters.

Varsity Pet says that even though your dog can’t possess this ball in his mouth, it will actually drive him to exhaustion trying to figure out how to get it.

They say the design allows the ball to mimic the movements of live prey. It was made to help owners with high-energy, athletic dogs.

It is not intended for indoor use.

After watching a few of the videos on the company’s website, which were sent in by dog owners, I can easily see that our Chocolate Labrador might really enjoy this toy.

Even though she does love to carry toys around in her mouth, she also loves wrestling with other dogs.

The Varsity Ball zips around in different directions, similar to another dog, and is large enough that she could pounce on it. Basically, it simulates a play partner!

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Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Toy No Way

There are two sizes available, and Varsity Pet insists that you are very cautious when ordering the correct size for your pooch.

Measure your pet’s jaw from the rear molar to the tip of the snout.

If it is longer than 4 inches, then you need to order the full-size 12-inch Varsity Ball.

The Junior Varsity Ball (6-inch size) is only recommended for toy and small breeds weighing “well under 50 pounds.”

The best part of this dog toy? It’s safe for your dog!

The Varsity Ball is made with FDA-approved linear low-density polyethylene plastic.

This material is ultra-durable while also being 100% non-toxic.

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