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Pet parents love to spoil their puppies and buy all sorts of dog products, from doggy treats to dog toys, dog crates, dog beds and anything in between. Top Dog Tips invites all types of dog experts to write very detailed, extensive and FREE buyer's guides on how to choose the best dog grooming supplies, what dog food to buy, how to choose between best dog training equipment and other important information.
The Ultimate Guide to Dog Dental Care

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Dental Care

Your dog’s overall health is dependent on many factors including his dental hygiene. Not only improper dog dental care and hygiene can result in...
dog harness buying guide

Dog Harnesses: The Ultimate Dog Owner’s Buying Guide

A dog harness is a great tool when used correctly. Unfortunately, few people know how to select the correct harness for their dog, how...
The Ultimate Guide for Raising Kids with Dogs

The Ultimate Guide for Raising Kids with Dogs: 17 Things Every Parent Should Know

Raising kids with dogs is beneficial for both the child and the dog. However, to be successful, it must be done correctly. Unfortunately, there...

Holistic Dog Care: The Ultimate Evidence-based Guide

When people hear the term "holistic" they typically think about alternative medicine. It brings to mind acupuncture and herbal remedies alone. This is a common...
Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog Grooming Supplies 101: The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

You’ve decided that you want to groom a dog at home yourself. It can be a fun experience for you and your canine. It’s also...
Raw Diet for Dogs 101 Tips on Raw Dog Food Feeding

Raw Diet for Dogs 101: The Ultimate Guide

The concept of raw diet for dogs and general raw dog feeding is based on the carnivorous nature of dogs. Our domesticated canines belong to...
Diets for Dogs and How To Slim Down an Overweight Dog

How To Slim Down an Overweight Dog + 30-Day Diet Plan

Staying fit and healthy and maintaining an ideal weight is just as important for dogs as it is for people.  However, the fact is...
Best Food for Dogs 101

Best Food for Dogs 101: Dog Food Buying Guide

Introduction   There are tons of options out there for best food for dogs available today, and it can be very intimidating for new pet parents...
Agility Training For Dogs - The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Agility Training For Dogs: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Watching the clever Border Collie, Tex, win the 2015 Westminster Dog Agility Contest or the whip-quick retriever, Joy, earn the large dog agility prize...