Giveaway: Guzzle Muzzle Slow Feeder for Dogs ($20 Value)

Does your dog gulp his food down in the blink of an eye? Did you know that's very dangerous and could cause serious health problems? Using a slow feeder, like the Guzzle Muzzle, will force your pet to slow down.

This product will add minutes onto your pet's feeding time, which could save his life. When I tried this slow feeder with our glutinous Labrador it increased her feeding time from 30 seconds to nearly 5 minutes! Eating too quickly is the number one cause of bloat in dogs, a common condition that could lead to death if not treated in time.

UPDATE (2023): This product is no longer available

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Guzzle Muzzle Slow Feeder for Dogs Giveaway

Guzzle Muzzle Slow Dog Feeder

About the products you will receive

If your dog is a gulper, you really should have a slow feeder. Not only will it slow down his eating, but the maze-like pattern will keep him engaged and entertain. The Guzzle Muzzle is a healthier alternative to traditional dog bowls and also stimulates your pup's brain while he eats.

The Guzzle Muzzle Slow Dog Feeder Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

The winner of this awesome giveaway will win a small size Guzzle Muzzle, which holds 3/4 cup of dog food. It's recommended for pooches weighing less than 20 pounds. The Guzzle Muzzle, created by Waghaus, is made with food safe materials, and it's incredibly durable. It's made with silicon and food grade PVC plastic. There is a rubber border around the slow feeder along with small rubber patches on the bottom. These keep the product from sliding around the floor while your dog is trying to eat.

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There is a lip around the edge of the puzzle feeder that is about half an inch high. This keeps your dog from making a mess and also allows you to add a bit of water to your dog's dry kibble if necessary. The Guzzle Muzzle can be washed with warm water and a mild soap or you can throw it right in the dishwasher.

You can watch my detailed video review and read my extensive written product review of the Guzzle Muzzle from Waghaus for more information.

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