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Are These Ham Bone Treats Harmful to Dogs?

Are These Ham Bone Treats Harmful to Dogs?
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Last month a petition came to light online asking Dynamic Pet Products to take their Real Ham Bone treats off the market. It was signed by over 7,000 consumers. Allegations were made that dogs that ate these treats became sick and some even died.

The creator of the petition said that he purchased a Real Ham Bone treat for his Bassett Hound on Sunday, March 1, 2015. The man said that his dog chewed the bone for a while and ingested some of the treat as well.

By the afternoon of March 2, 2015 the dog had become severely ill and needed to be rushed to his veterinarian’s office. The accuser states that the vet recommended that the dog be put down.

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Following complaints in 2010, the Federal Drug Administration investigated Real Ham Bone treats. The only advice they had for consumers was that the bones were not suitable for aggressive chewers and that dog owners should always supervise their dog while they are eating a bone.

Dynamic Pet Products is aware of the allegations and they have even responded to some critics on Facebook. They also posted a formal statement on their website.

The statement says that the company is confident that their Real Ham Bone treats are safe for dogs and that their manufacturing facility ensures the highest standards in the pet products that they make.

Are These Ham Bone Treats Harmful to Dogs?
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Dynamic Pet Products also stated that they have their products evaluated by a globally recognized safety organization and that every product they sell is clearly labeled with instructions for owners on how their pets can enjoy the product safely.

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The company has also created a Frequently Asked Questions page on their website to help address some of the issues that are being brought about. On the site they specify that the ham bones are actual femur bones of a pig and that the natural bones are made in the U.S.A.

The website also states that as long as the instructions are followed and the dog is supervised while chewing the bone, the product is completely safe for canines. The company does, however, state that the bones are meant to be chewed and not ingested.

The ingredients labeled on the ham bone treats are all safe for pets. They include: the natural pork bone, brown sugar, salt, dextrose (a sweetener and browning agent), potassium sorbate (a preservative), and sodium nitrite (a preservative that provides the cured meat flavor).

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