Help Your Pup Sleep With These Bedtime Bones

Just like us, some dogs have a hard time winding down at night. Whether your dog has anxiety issues or he is just high strung and needs a little help relaxing, these Bedtime Bones from Bedtime 4 Dogs may be able to help.

They are an organic, chamomile bedtime treat for your dog, and the company claims that chamomile affects canines the same way it affects humans. These sleepy-time biscuit treats have no wheat, soy, corn or fillers. These bones are made with all organic and human grade- chamomile, rye flour, oat bran, canola, brown eggs and a bit of honey.

The package is made from recycled materials which are even made with wind power. They come in a package with one for every day of the month, plus a few extra to share. If you're interested you can also sign up for a 1-year subscription that will save you money on shipping and the dog treats will be delivered to your front door every month.

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