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Help Your Senior Dog With Wellness PetMats

Rest Assured There's No More Hard Floors With Wellness Pet Mats
Photo: Wellness PetMats

Have you ever laid on a hard floor? It is extremely uncomfortable. If it's brutal for us, imagine what it's like for our pets, especially for those that suffer from joint issues or those that are getting on in years.

Of course, we don't want our canine companions to be uncomfortable, even if they do seem to enjoy lounging on the hardwood most of the day. That's why Wellness PetMats is so revolutionary. This company has designed a therapeutic, anti-fatigue pet mat that will cushion and support your pet's  joints, bones and entire skeletal system.

These mats will be comfortable for your dog, while also giving him a perfect night's sleep or a quick nap.

Rest Assured There's No More Hard Floors With Wellness Pet Mats

The makers of Wellness PetMats did extensive research and development with the Animal Neurology, Rehab, and ER Center of Commerce in Michigan, and with the College of Veterinary Medicine at the Michigan State University Rehabilitation Center. These mats not only provide health benefits to your pet, they are a low maintenance solution for pet parents; they don't even absorb odors!

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The advanced polyurethane technology contours to your pet's unique body shape, allowing your dog to be cradled and comforted while lounging away in his favorite sunny spot or wherever he is most comfortable. It is durable, rip and tear resistant, liquid resistant, allergen-free and anti-microbial.

The cover wipes clean with any pet-safe cleaning solution. In addition, it comes in several sizes for all breeds and body types. It is also available in neutral colors to compliment any home decor. Plus, it is made in the United States.

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Rest Assured There's No More Hard Floors With Wellness Pet Mats

Pet parents are gushing over the benefits of Wellness PetMats for their dogs with hip and knee problems, for those that are incontinent and even for those pooches that just like to jump off the furniture. This product makes the landing so much softer rather than the jarring impact of hardwood.

Wellness PetMats has been in business since 2007. They are not only helping with the needs and health of our beloved fur babies, but they are also giving back. The company is proud to support the K9 for Warriors program that helps those military folks who have suffered the effects of combat.

These brave soldiers are oftentimes left with life-altering PTSD that can greatly impact their daily lives. K9 for Warriors helps these people by pairing them with a specially trained therapy canine. Just the presence of these pooches is oftentimes enough to calm the jagged nerves of these dedicated people.

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