Here’s a Great Alternative For Fencing In Your Yard

Fencing in your yard is expensive, and it isn’t always the safest way to contain your dog. You may have dangers inside your yard like a swimming pool, pond, a garden with toxic plants in it or harmful chemicals on your plants and flowers. A dog run is a great way to keep your pet safely inside your yard and away from any possible dangers he could encounter.

Aerial dog runs by Freedom Pet Supply are a great choice if you’re thinking about setting up a run in your yard. My favorite thing about this product is that all you’ll need are a few tools and two trees (or whatever you’re going to mount the run to) in order to set it up. These runs are sold in a kit that includes all the other hardware you’ll need to install the run and take the tension out of the line.

Freedom Pet Supply’s standard runs are recommended for dogs up to 100 pounds and the heavy duty runs can hold dogs up to 200 pounds. They come in a variety of lengths from 25 feet to 250 feet, but as you can see in this video you can cut them to fit any distance in between as well. The cable is made from galvanized steel with a protective coating to keep it from rusting. The connectors that clip to your pet’s collar and the pulley are made of brass. All the kits, no matter the length of the cable, also come with a 15-foot lead line.

I don’t normally recommend tying your dog, because I believe every dog deserves the freedom to roam an open space. However, I also understand that there are some dogs that cannot be contained by fencing, because they jump, climb, and dig their way out of any enclosure. I also understand that not everyone has the space for a fence or can afford the thousands of dollars that it costs to have a fence installed.

That’s why I recommend runs for these types of situations. Runs are a much better alternative than tying your dog with a rope. They allow for a lot more freedom and space than a rope tie does, and if you purchase a long run, like 50 to 100 feet, your dog will still have space to run and play. The only problem with dog runs is that they don’t provide the shelter of an outdoor kennel. If your dog will be on his run for hours at a time be sure to supply him with a dog house or build him some form of shelter from the hot sun, rain, and other elements.

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