Sometimes, keeping your dogs healthy and secure is not that easy. Especially when living microorganisms try to live and multiply by pestering their body. That's what parasites like giardia do. 

But what is giardia, and what are some ways to treat giardiasis?

As you go on in this article, you'll:

  • discover the symptoms of giardia infection in dogs
  • learn some home remedies for giardia in dogs
  • know how to protect your dogs from this parasitic infection

But before creating a natural treatment for giardia in dogs, it'd be best to have some insights into what this organism is and how contagious it is. 

So, without further ado, let's dig deep into it.

home remedies for giardia in dogs

Home Remedies for Giardia in Dogs that You Can Do

Luckily, you can now get rid of this parasite by just doing remedies in your home. Some plants are mainly known for their anti-parasitic properties, like walnut and concentrated capsules.

Though no natural methods are proven to cure giardia effectively, these remedies are mainly used and recommended by some dog owners.

So, here are some remedies that you can try on:

coconut for treating giardia

1.    Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can even kill giardia in your dogs. It contains lauric acid or dodecanoic acid that helps kill trophozoites' giardia by destroying cell membranes. So, it inhibits the cell from multiplying and producing cysts.

How much coconut oil do I give my dog for giardia?

All you need to do is give one teaspoon of coconut oil per ten pounds to your dogs. With that amount, they could prevent having diarrhea caused by giardia.

You can get coconut oil products on the market or have them manually at home. All you need is the coconut itself.

In addition, this oil not only gets rid of giardia but can also kill fleas and other parasites by just rubbing it to your dog's affected areas and giving them a smooth massage to relax their body.

oregon grape for killing giardia

2.    Oregon Grape

Oregon grape or Berberis aquifolium is a medicinal herbal plant known for its antimicrobial properties. It is also a liver tonic that effectively gets rid of parasites like giardia.

For dogs, every 20 pounds of their weight, you can give at least 12 drops of tincture of Oregon grape.

Note: Do not give oregan grape to a pregnant and have a liver disease dogs

grapefruit seed extract home remedy to kill giardia

3.    Grapefruit seed extract

Though using this extract is not made to kill giardia, some studies show that it also contains antimicrobial compounds, a critical component to get rid of parasites like giardia.

Other vets might also recommend it for now. However, it's not always practical for all breeds of dogs, so it would be great if you consulted your vet before using it.

garlic - natural treatment for giardia in dogs

4.    Garlic

Other than boosting your dog's immune system, garlic contains Allicin, a perfect giardia killer. In addition, garlic cloves are more effective than powder, so it's easy to use them because you can find them in your kitchen.

But, always remember that too much garlic is dangerous. So, here's the amount that you need to consider before giving it to your canine:

  • Small puppies only ¼ cloves of garlic
  • Medium size only ½ cloves of garlic
  • The large size dogs could have ¾ cloves
  • While giant ones could have one clove

You can give them the amount twice a day for effective and faster results. But, consulting your vet is also essential to ensure your dog's safety.

cloves oil helps cure giardia naturally

5.    Cloves Oil

Cloves oil contains eugenol, which proves to have anti-giardia properties. This eugenol inhibits the ability of trophozoite giardia to adhere or grow and could kill 50% of the population of parasites.

Every day, you can give one clove for every 10 pounds of your dog's weight, and you can put it in their food.

But remember that too much of it can be toxic to them, and it could burn their skin. So, before giving it to them, be sure to ask your vet.

home remedies for giardia in dogs - pumpkin seed


6.    Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin has different species, so it has a different level of effectiveness. Based on some studies, pumpkin contains cucurbitacin, an anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory. So, it would be a good killer for giardia on your dogs.

You can give your canines a ¼ teaspoon of ground fresh pumpkin seed together with their meal. But, the amount also depends on their size.

apple cedar vinegar kills giardia

7.    Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an anti-parasitic that supports the pH, so you don't have to worry about your dog's digestive tract.

This kind of vinegar is as effective as clove oil. But, studies show that it targets giardia cysts. So, if used on the stool or any affected surfaces, it can kill 100% of the cysts.

However, if it was taken by your dog orally, it could probably kill only 50% of the parasites population. And, like the other natural home remedies for giardia in dogs, you need to consult first to your vet for safer medications.

water contaminated with giardia

What is Giardia?

You already know the home remedies for giardia in dogs, but you might think what this giardia is? And, how could they affect your pets?

Giardia is a single-celled protozoan tiny parasite that infects humans and animals like dogs. It is also called Giardia duodenalis. Once it reaches its host, this parasite targets and inhabits the intestines and multiplies itself to destroy intestinal parts.

This parasite can be found on many surfaces like soil, food, and even in water contaminated with poop (feces).

However, you could pass it through direct contact on contaminated surfaces. Once it infects, it can cause a diarrheal disease called giardiasis.

This giardia has two forms. First, the Trophozoite is the mature form of giardia that multiplies until it reaches the second stage, which is the cysts. In this stage, the giardia will be shed into feces to infect another host.

Once cysts enter the intestines of another dog or any other pet, they will become trophozoites again and repeat the cycle.

dog contacted with stool contaminated with giardia

How do dogs get giardia?

According to the CDC, giardia is a kind of parasite that can survive at a cold temperature. So, it could be alarming when the cold season, like spring, and when the snow melts during winter. And your dog will be susceptible to it.

They could pick giardia from:

  • Direct contact or accidentally swallowed of cysts present on the stool of infected animals
  • Playing and rolling on the soil which is contaminated with giardia
  • Licking themselves after they contacted on a contaminated surface
  • Drinking water and melted snow puddles contaminated with giardia

It might be worrisome, especially if you have more than one pet at home. So, it would help if you could determine its symptoms to observe them.

symptoms of giardia

Symptoms of Giardia Infection

Though this parasite cannot be seen with our naked eyes, there are visible symptoms that you can observe. And it will help determine if your dog is infected.

This giardia would inhibit the ability of your dog to absorb nutrients, water, and electrolytes for its body. That's why they might lose weight. Aside from that, intestinal signs and symptoms could be observed, which might include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Could not gain weight
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Stomach pain and cramps
  • Poor appearance of the coat

However, some signs are visible in their stools, which include:

  • Unusually soft to watery
  • Oddly or poorly formed
  • Pale-colored or often has a greenish tinge to it
  • Extra-foul smelling
  • Contains mucus
  • Appears fatty
  • Blood in stool

But, this parasite could not be a threat if your dog's immune system is robust and not compromised. So, keeping your canines healthy is the best way to fight the disease brought by giardia.

consult vet to give you medications for giardia

What do I do if My Dog Has Giardia?

Mostly, infected dogs will not feel sick at all. But, if it does, symptoms might appear 1-3 weeks after they were initially infected.

If you suspect that your dog was infected, you don't have to panic. You can immediately approach your vet. They might recommend some effective and safe treatment to control the disease caused by giardia.

Some vets recommend a dewormer or antibiotics like fenbendazole and metronidazole. It could be a combination of both or other anti-parasitic medications.

However, the giardia treatment in dogs depends on the severity of the symptoms they are experiencing. So, it's essential to consult your vet.

For instance, dog owners prefer natural remedies for giardia in dogs, like the natural treatment for giardia in dogs that we taught earlier.

How Common is Giardia in Dogs?

According to the survey, particularly in North America, about 7% of dogs carry giardia but don't show any signs and symptoms.

Most likely, young animals like dogs that live in shelters are prone to be infected with giardia. Especially if you have more pets in your house, it would not be worrisome if you have only a few.

However, after the treatment ends, you need to take your dog on a thorough bath to ensure that the cysts cannot infect.

To ensure your and your pet's safety, clean those surfaces thoroughly, most likely contaminated with giardia.

homemade remedies for dogs banner 2

Are Puppies Also Prone to Giardia?

The answer is yes! The giardia parasite does not choose any living animals and humans, especially your little puppies.

They are the most vulnerable because they are still strengthening their bodies. So, puppies also need holistic treatment for giardia in dogs.

medications for giardia

Can dogs recover from giardia without medication?

If your dogs do not show any signs and symptoms, it means that they are healthy and have a robust immune system. It also means that giardia infection will just go away on its own.

But, if symptoms like diarrhea become severe, your canine needs effective medications. It would help if you immediately took them to your vet for more medical treatment.

On the other hand, if giardia from dogs is transferred to humans, it's more serious, so mainly it needs repetitive treatment.

But don't worry because there are many effective medications for that, and you can prevent these parasites from infecting you.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Giardia in Dogs?

Every dog has a different level of the immune system, so there are also other ways to treat them from giardia infection. That is why consulting your vet would be the best way to help them recover.

As mentioned above, your vet might recommend common drugs like fenbendazole and metronidazole to kill giardia. Usually, you can give them these drugs within 3 to 10 days. A combination of these two drugs would help them fully recover.

However, it might not always be compatible for them. So, you need to find other medications like febantel, pyrantel pamoate, and praziquantel which are also effective in treating giardia.

While other owners are also considering home remedies for giardia in dogs to decrease the potential side effects of medications.

Probiotics help fight giardia

Do Probiotics help Dogs with Giardia?

The answer is yes! Medications are more effective if taken with probiotics. For example, probiotics like FortiFlora could help antibiotics like metronidazole and Panacur affect better.

How Long Does it Take for Giardia to go away in Dogs?

Typically, this giardia could survive long in any situation and season. But, with proper medications and treatment, within two weeks, they could go away in your dogs.

So, it would not last long if they were immediately treated.

Why does my dog keep getting giardia?

For instance, you might ask, ‘why does my dog keep getting giardia even after medications?' In some cases, it would happen, especially if there are still surfaces that cysts are present.

So, thorough cleaning on the surfaces contaminated with the feces of infected animals is essential.

Even in the water because cysts could live there for almost a month. Therefore, the possibility of infecting another animal will increase.

bland food for dog who has giardia

What should I feed my dog when he has giardia?

Weight loss is one of the symptoms of this parasitic organism. That's probably because your dog could not eat their meals properly. So, you should be aware of feeding them food that could upset their stomach.

If your dog's stool has different colors or is not normal, your vet might recommend you to feed bland food for your dog. It would help return their stool to its normal consistency.

Otherwise, if microbiome or what is commonly known as gut bacteria

Is Giardia Contagious to Humans?

This giardia is genuinely infectious and transferable to other animals and humans. However, based on some surveys, it was relatively low.

It can only pass from dog to humans if you are directly contacted with the surfaces contaminated with an infected dog's stools. But, commonly, it was transmitted by drinking contaminated water.

That's why thorough cleaning those contaminated surfaces and things is a must to protect yourself and your pets. And, washing your hands before eating would also help.

How to prevent giardia from happening

To prevent this infectious parasite, keep your dogs clean and give them nutritious foods to keep them healthy. By doing that, they could build a robust immune system to fight for that giardia.

It is also essential that they drink clean water and do not let them revel in places contaminated with giardia. And don't give them contaminated foods.

How Frequent to Take a Bath a Dog Infected with Giardia 

Taking a bath helps your canine physically clean, especially if they are infected with giardia. So, it's essential to bathe them at least twice a week.

Always ensure your and your dog's safety by maintaining good hygiene and keeping your environment clean. This is not only applicable to your pets but also you.

Home Remedies for Giardia in Dogs: Why it is Important?

Keeping your dog's safety might be challenging, especially if you are a beginner at adopting them. Also, parasites like giardia that could harm them are present everywhere.

So, these home remedies for giardia in dogs that we shared with you would greatly help treat them naturally. These ways are easy because you can find these natural remedies in your home.

We hope that you enjoy and learn a lot, especially on curing giardia naturally, while reading this article. And share it with your family and friends to help them be more aware of these giardia parasites.

This holistic treatment for giardia in dogs might not suit all dog breeds. So, you must consult your vet for the best medication for your canine.

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