Homeless Dogs Get Comfortable After Request for Old Armchair Donations Go Viral
Photo: Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and, in this case, it’s the dogs who have benefited from the community’s garbage.

GALESBURG, ILLINOIS—Homeless dogs at a no-kill shelter in an Illinois county now sleep and sit comfortably on old armchairs as donations poured in after the shelter's request went viral.

The Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter, located in Galesburg, put out a video (above) of some dogs sitting in old comfy chairs.

Though they were inside the kennel, the dogs looked right at home and pleased that they had furniture to rest on.

Following the video's release, donations started coming in.

More and more people gave away their old comfy chairs for the dogs and even the cats staying at the animal shelter.

Buster Brown Made It Happen

Erin Buckmaster, the director of the Knox County Humane Society, told Today that they started considering putting old comfy chairs inside the kennel because of a dog named Buster Brown.

As a puppy, Buster Brown was adopted from a shelter. However, he lost his forever home when his people divorced.

Buster Brown found himself back at the shelter, but the staff at the Knox County Humane Society said that he didn't want to be inside a kennel.

Instead, Buster Brown preferred to stay at the office and often sat on the chair meant for the shelter workers.

Even when there's a person sitting on a chair, Buster Brown would insist on sharing the seat, and he's actually a big dog.

Buster napping
Photo: Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter

The staff at the animal shelter then assigned Buster Brown his own chair so that he wouldn't have to squeeze himself next to a staff.

They got him a big red armchair with lots of cushion comfort, which came from a plumbing and heating company.

Realizing that the dog loved the chair so much, the staff thought that maybe the other dogs would also love a chair in their kennels. So, they put out the word on the Internet.

Your Garbage, Their Treasure

About 50 dogs and 50 cats are up for adoption at the Knox County Humane Society.

As of press time, 22 chairs have been donated, and the animals are expectedly thrilled for this gift.

People in the community usually throw away old chairs.

What was supposed to be garbage is now a treasure for these shelter animals, and the dogs do not seem to mind that they're sitting on worn-out chairs.

Comfy chairs aren't just for napping
Photo: Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter

Until these furry pets have their own forever homes, these old, comfy chairs will go a long way in helping shelter animals feel more cared for.

The Knox County Humane Society also makes sure to disinfect the old chairs first before assigning these to the kennels.

 A Drop In The Dogs' Stress Levels

Tanner Smith, the animal control officer at the shelter, related to Inside Edition that they have noticed a drop in the dogs' stress levels since the chairs arrived.

He revealed that the kennels are quieter. This is a clear sign that the animals love and enjoy the chairs.

Studies have shown that a shelter is a stressful place for dogs, and if they often have anxiety, then they lower their chances for adoption.

Curbing their stress levels down could help dogs behave better and more naturally so that potential owners can actually see the dog’s personality.

It also benefits the no-kill shelter that has to temporarily care for these homeless animals.

Dogs love their chairs
Photo: Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter

A Movement Has Begun

As the viral video reached millions, other shelters have also begun asking for donations of old comfy chairs from the community.

In Idaho, for instance, the West Valley Humane Society has also begun accepting old chairs to help homeless dogs feel more at home in their kennels.

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