Honest Kitchen Beams Icelandic Fish Skin Chew Treats

Beams dog treats by The Honest Kitchen are 100% natural dehydrated dog treats that are healthy for your dog and absolutely delicious. The taste comes from the pure, wild-caught Icelandic Catfish skins that the treats are made from. The catfish skins are dried into these savory, chewy sticks that contain no ingredients from China.

Because they are made with just one ingredient, these treats are wheat, soy, additive, filler, grain, corn, and GMO free. They are also an excellent source of lean protein and are lower in fat than most other commercial dog treats.

Beams dog treats are a good source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and fish is a great treat for dogs who's digestive tracts function best without common protein sources like chicken and beef. The treats are available in two different sizes. The ‘smalls' are about 7 inches long and the ‘talls' are about 12 inches long.

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