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How Loyal is Your Dog? This One Lay on the Road for Hours Waiting for His Dead Owner

How Loyal is Your Dog?
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Dogs are known for their loyalty. That’s no surprise. We refer to canines as man’s best friend because they are often loyal to their owner no matter what. Dogs will protect owners that abuse them, they’ll chase the car of an owner that tries to abandon them and they’re even loyal after their owner passes away. Earlier this week, a golden retriever in Jacksonville, Florida lay in the road for hours after his owner was fatally injured when struck by a semi-truck.

Kelly Black, 42, was walking her canine companion when she was hit by a big rig. The dog was not injured, but remained at the scene for hours after authorities discovered his owner’s body and removed it. When Black’s family arrived to bring him home he finally left.

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On Friday, October 23, 2015 a truck driver was pulling out of a gas station when his rig allegedly hit Black and dragged her body 30 feet. Officials believe that the driver may have been completely unaware that he had hit someone. Although, Black’s family doesn’t believe it’s possible to hit a person and drag her all that way without knowing something was wrong. Her father had this statement for local news reporters:

“I don’t see how someone could hit her here and drag her all the way out to Beaver Street and not have known it.”

How Loyal is Your Dog?
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The victim’s family told reporters that Black, her golden retriever, Paco, and another dog, which was not involved in the incident, were inseparable. Her mother said that the dogs are having a hard time dealing with the loss of their owner. She says they are used to her, but they are still grieving the loss of their beloved master. Black’s mother will be taking both dogs in to live with her.

Deputies are still looking for the truck driver. Anyone with information is urged to call the Jacksonville Police Department. Until then, Black’s family will be left with a lot of questions and two canines who are depressed and grieving.

A dog’s loyalty should never be underestimated. Paco may have waited hours in the spot where his owner passed away, but last month news crews were reporting the story of Tillie, an Irish setter-spaniel mix who sat next to a cistern deep in a remote ravine for a week while her basset hound friend was trapped inside.

The two dogs always went for walks together on the island of Vashon in Washington where they lived. When they didn’t return one day, their owner knew something was very wrong. Tillie waited by her friends’ side for a week, leaving only to seek help. Finally, a nearby farmer spotted the dog and called it in to authorities.

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How Loyal is Your Dog?
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Of course Tillie’s friend, Phoebe, was found once rescuers finally followed her back through the woods. Phoebe was rescued and both dogs made it home safe and sound albeit in need of food and water. It would have been easy for Tillie to head home on her own, but it was almost as if she knew that if she left her friend out there alone she would never be found.

I have no doubt about the loyalty of canines. Luckily I have never had an experience like either of these two that would test my dog’s loyalty to its limits, but there is still no question in my mind. Any dog lover knows that canines can sense emotions and dangers. They know that dogs see it as their duty to protect humans (and their other furry pack members), and they take that job very seriously.

What are your thoughts on dog loyalty? Do you have any similar stories to share?

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