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How to Make a Dog House for Less Than $30

Dogs need a safe, secure space to get out of the elements when they are left outdoors.

Dogs enjoy having a den-like area to relax in – it's their natural instinct.

If your dog isn't left outside for long periods at a time, you may be interested in learning how to make a dog house for less than $30.

$30 isn't going to get you much of a dog house.

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, he'll need a durable, warm house that will protect him from harsh weather.

A house like this will need to be built with strong materials and well insulated.

I am showing you how to build a dog house out of a large plastic tote, so it's not going to be very durable. It's also not going to be well insulted. It's a great dog house for anyone that lives in a mild climate or someone who would like to have a dog shelter on a covered porch.

You could also use this dog house as a shelter for stray/feral animals.

If you live in an area where there are a lot of stray/feral cats and dogs, these shelters would make a safe place for them to rest.

If you're looking for a more durable, warm DIY dog house, you can see our articles How to Build a Dog House and DIY Cold Weather Dog House.

How To Make A Dog House

How to Make a Dog House
(for less than $30)

As you can see, this dog house is quite simple. The only supplies you will need are:

  • large plastic tote
  • marker
  • box cutter
  • at least 4 tent stakes
  • zip ties (optional)
  • rubber mat (optional)

Secure the lid on the plastic tote, and flip it upside down. Use the marker to draw an outline of a door. Ensure the door will be big enough for your dog to enter.

Now, use the box cutter to cut around the outline. At this point when learning how to make a dog house, you need to decide whether or not you would like a door flap. I recommend adding a door flap to keep wind and weather from getting into the shelter.

If you'd like to make a door, use the outline of the door as a stencil. The door will need to be about 1″ taller than the outline of the door. Cut a door out of the rubber mat. Remember, the thicker the mat, the heavier the door will be.

You don't want the door You don't want the DIY dog house door to be too heavy, or it will prevent air flow.to be too heavy, or it will prevent air flow.

Use the box cutter to make a few small holes in the top of the door opening and the top of the door flap. Use the zip ties to secure the door flap to the dog house.

When learning how to make a dog house, you'll also need to know how to secure the house to the ground. Heavier pet houses made from wood can withstand winds, but this one will easily blow over.

You can secure this dog house to the ground with tent stakes. Drill holes in each corner of the bottom of the dog house.

Secure the tent stakes through the holes, and this should keep the dog house from blowing away.

If very high winds are predicted, it would be a good idea to bring this dog house inside.

You should also add bedding to the dog house to give Fido a comfortable place to rest. Use old blankets or a small dog bed.

Just be sure to wash the bedding frequently, and hang it up to dry if it gets wet.

How To Make A Dog House – Closing Thoughts

Now you know how to make a dog house! Easier than you thought, right?

Completing a DIY dog house can be a fun project for the whole family. All you gotta do is just follow these steps.

Let us know in the comments section below on your experience on how to build a cheap dog house. We always appreciate other's ideas for the community.

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