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How to Make a Dog Like You in 10 Easy Steps

Some dogs are easy to win over. In fact, they seem to just naturally love people. Other canines need a little patience. Either way, learning how to make a dog like you is easy if you follow these 10 steps.

When you're meeting a dog for the first time, it's important to be relaxed and patient. The dog will sense your fear and nervousness. This will make him think there is something to be scared of, and he'll become nervous too.

Being patient is critical. You can't rush this process. It would be great if every dog would feel comfortable around humans immediately, but that is not the case. You don't know about the dog's background. Timidness can be passed through genetics, or the dog may have had an experience in the past that has made him timid around humans.

You need to be patient. The dog will come around to you eventually, but it may not be within the first 20 minutes of meeting you. For some dogs it may take days or even weeks to come out of their shell. But, once they do, you'll realize that it was worth the wait!

How to Make a Dog Like You

how to make a dog like you1. Be Patient

I know, you're thinking that I already covered this in the introduction. Patience is so important when learning how to make a dog like you that I feel the need to mention it again.

If you try to force a connection with a dog, it could end up pushing him further away. It could also end with the dog lashing out because you're not giving him enough space. A dog can't look at you and say, “I'm not ready to be close to you.” But, he can growl and snap.

Being patient is rule #1 when it comes to learning how to make a dog like you. Give it time, and he will come around when he's ready.

2. Observe

Observe the dog as much as you can. Learn about what makes him comfortable, what makes him nervous, and what makes him happy. This is your chance to learn as much about this new dog as you can.

3. Canine Body Language

In order to understand your dog, you're going to need to understand canine body language. Dogs cannot communicate with us in a way that we can understand. Fortunately, their body language provides plenty of cues that allow us to interpret how they are feeling.

Just like us, dogs can change their mood in a second. That's why it’s so important to always monitor a dog’s body language for changes. A simple gesture, like taking one step closer to a dog, could flip the switch from mildly stressed to scared. A move like this could cause the dog to react aggressively.

Dog's don't hide their feelings like we do. Their body language is an accurate indicator of how they are feeling. Pay attention to your dog's body language and the environmental stimulation that may be causing these feelings.

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how to make a dog like you

4. Your Body Language

Your body language is equally as important when learning how to make a dog like you. Be mindful of your own body language and what it may be saying to your new furry friend. You also need to be mindful of your voice tone and level.

Don't stare at the dog. Don't hover over him, and talk in a soft, calm voice. Do some research on dog behavior and learn about the things that may make your dog feel threatened, like staring and hovering.

5. What Does the Dog Like?

When observing the dog, notice what makes him happy. What does he enjoy. Some dogs like an active game of fetch, while others simply like taking it easy and snuggling on the couch. Whatever the dog likes, do it often.

6. Loosen Up

Loosen up and have fun! Learning how to make a dog like you shouldn't be something that stresses you out. You need to enjoy the time you're spending with the dog. Have fun and relax. Hanging out with a dog should be a stress reliever.

7. Feed the Dog

This is an easy one. Most dogs are highly motivated by food. Food makes dogs happy, so use it to your advantage. The way to a dog's heart is through his stomach, and you want to get to his heart, right?

Make sure you're using training treats or small treats that are low in calories and fat when learning how to make a dog like you. You want to win the dog over, but you don't want to make him obese in the process.

8. Be Present

If you're on your phone, talking with another person or paying more attention to your surroundings than the dog you're trying to bond with, things aren't going to go very well. You need to be present when learning how to make a dog like you.

Focus on the task at hand. If you want a dog to like you, then you need to spend quality time with him. All of the tips and tricks on this list require you to be present. Put away the electronics and other distractions and just spend time with the dog.

9. Bonding Activities

Any activity that makes you and your dog happy is a bonding activity. Any activity that relaxes you and your dog is a bonding activity. Take adventures together, play a sport or work on some training.

How to Make a Dog Like You in 10 Easy Steps - Video GuideIf the dog is already trained to follow commands, try some agility training/activities. If you don't enjoy physical activity, try something a little more tame. Brushing your dog can be a bonding experience, and so can canine massage.

10. Don't Force It

The best advice I can give when explaining how to make a dog like you is not to force anything. Don't pick up little dogs until they are comfortable with you. Don't get in a dog's face. Don't smother a dog with hugs and kisses.

Don't force it. Be patient, spend quality time with the dog and eventually he will warm up to you.

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