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How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly


How to make dog poop quickly

If you've ever stood outside in the rain waiting for your dog to do his doody, you know that this is a serious topic and a frustrating task for some pet owners.

Learning how to make a dog poop quickly isn't difficult, but it will take time and patience.

Just because it's convenient for you to take your dog outside to do his business before you go to work doesn't mean it's the most convenient time for your pooch to do the number two.

Before you learn how to make a dog poop quickly, note that this process can take weeks and even months.

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How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

How To Make A Dog Poop QuicklyPlease note: The information in this article is NOT for pet owners with a constipated dog or who have any medical condition that affects a dog's bowels.

If your pet is having trouble pooping, you need to seek veterinary care. 

Constipation is the most common cause, but more serious health conditions are also possible.

Forcing your dog to try to have a bowel movement if he is constipated or when there is an obstruction could do irreversible damage to a dog's body.

1. Find a Quiet Place

Like us, dogs prefer a quiet, private place to do their business. Unlike us, they usually don't have that.

Think about things from your dog's point of view. Quite often, when he's trying to go to the bathroom, he is hearing strange noises and picking up interesting smells.

There is probably someone watching him most of the time, too.

So find a quiet spot for your dog to use the bathroom. Get to a place with privacy and limited distractions. Make this a regular bathroom spot.

The dog will begin to feel more comfortable in this location over time and learn that this is his spot to “go.”

Give Your Dog a Belly Rub

2. Try a Belly Rub

A dog massage stimulates muscle fibers and gets the blood flowing. Massage therapy is great for dogs for several reasons.

Did you know that massaging your pet's abdomen could help stimulate his bowels and get things flowing, similar to a massage to get the gas out?

Before bringing your dog outside to poop, give him a soft belly rub using a clockwise motion. Not only will the massage stimulate the dog's bowels, but it will help your dog relax and relieve any stress that he may be feeling.

It's a lot easier to poop when you're relaxed than it is when your muscles are tense, and you're feeling anxious.

3. Get Your Dog Moving

Lack of exercise can cause your dog's bowels to become sluggish. To get things moving, get your pup moving, too.

I have a Labrador who loves to play fetch. When first learning how to make a dog poop quickly, I always played a game of fetch with her to help speed things along.

Dogs will often do their business while out on a walk, but you could also play some games like fetch, tug-of-war, or anything else to help hasten the process.

Agility work or scent work are also great activities to help get your pup active and his bowels moving.

4. Keep Your Dog on a Schedule

As the old saying goes, “when you have to go, you have to go.” The same is true for dogs.

Routine is important, and to make your dog poop quicker, observe him note when he normally poops.

Does he typically go number two in the morning or the evening? Maybe both? How long does it usually take for his body to process food after a meal?

For example, let's say your dog normally goes to the bathroom twice each day, and he usually poops about an hour after eating.

Then this is the schedule that you'll need to follow. You cannot expect your dog to use the bathroom on your schedule.

You Can Train the Dog to Poop on Command

Eventually, You Can Train the Dog to Poop on Command

To make a dog poop quicker will take time, so don't rush it. Once your dog is on a regular bathroom schedule and you've found quite a place for his potty break, you can start training your dog to poop on command.

Yes, it's possible, and it's actually straightforward to achieve this. But it will take a long time.

When your dog squats to poop, use a cue word (like “Doody”) to help him understand what you want him to do. After your pup does his business, reward him with praise and treats. This will show the dog what you're expecting of him and reinforce this behavior.

Eventually, your dog will realize that your cue word means you want him to do his business.

Don't get too excited, however: this training will take a lot of time and patience.

You will need to go through this process with your pet every time he uses the bathroom for weeks – maybe even months – before he grasps the concept of pooping on command.

Common Questions about Dog Constipation and Getting Him to Go Quickly

Still, have some questions about how to encourage dogs' poop to come out? The following FAQs should help clear up any lingering doubts you have.

What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog for Constipation?

If you want to overcome your pup's constipation, you can try giving him some things you likely have around the house. Start by making sure he has enough clean water.

To help encourage him to go potty, give him some canned pumpkin puree. You can also give him canned dog food, as its high water content should help. You can also try dietary fiber supplements.

Sometimes, encouraging your dog to exercise will help him poop fast. You may also want to give him a stool softener or enema. But it would help if you always got veterinary guidance before using those remedies.

How Can I Relieve My Dog's Constipation?

Many dogs will notice an improvement in their constipation after having more fiber. You can give him fiber supplements, wheat bran, or pumpkin.

Your vet may also suggest medicine to strengthen the digestive system, especially the large intestine. Or he may suggest a laxative. Regular exercise can also help promote proper digestion.

What Can You Give Dogs To Make Them Poop?

One of the simplest remedies for constipation in dogs is to give your pup some pumpkin. Canned pumpkin has a lot of fiber.

It is also safe for dogs. Just make sure that you choose a canned pumpkin that is safe for your dog's diet. That means there should not be any added sugar.

If you don't have canned pumpkin, grab some spinach. Ground-up dark leafy vegetables can also encourage your dog's digestive system to get moving.

How Many Days Can a Dog Go without Pooping?

It is normal for dogs to poop two to four times every day. Sometimes, however, a dog can have up to 24 hours between going number two.

If your dog is pooping less frequently than this, then you should consult your vet. Your dog may be constipated.

Can an Ice Cube Help Your Dog Poop?

Ice cubes can be another remedy for dog constipation, but neither you nor your dog will like the process.

Get some disposable gloves and an ice cube, and head outside with your dog. Make sure your dog is comfortable, and give him some pets to let him know you love him.

Once you are in a safe area for him to go potty, lift his tail gently. Use a finger to clear the anal pathway and slowly insert the ice cube into his sphincter.

Hold it there for about 30 seconds. Your dog will try to push out the ice cube, and the contractions should bring some waste with them.

Consult with your vet before trying this method. He may suggest other methods first.

What Should You NOT Do to Help Your Constipated Dog?

While you can give your dog fiber to help him overcome his constipation, stick to your dog's food.

Please don't give him human foods that include cereals or high-fiber grains. There are dog-safe options like canned pumpkin.

While you can sometimes give your dog a laxative, suppository, or enema to help him poop, you should NEVER do this without veterinary advice.

Many human products can cause health issues in dogs as they are not safe for canines. You don't want to cure constipation in dogs at the expense of another part of his health.

What Causes Constipation in Dogs?

There are a lot of potential causes of constipation in your canine companion. One of the most common causes is not getting the right amount of fiber.

Your dog's food may have too little or too much fiber, and either issue can cause problems. Not getting enough exercise can also cause constipation.

Some dogs get constipated if they are groomed too much. This can lead to hair backing up in the stool.

That makes it harder for your dog to push it out when going potty. In the case of obese dogs, matted fur by his anus may also be an issue. That is especially true if he can't reach there to groom.

Your dog may also not be pooping if he ate something he should not have. Foreign bodies may lodge in his intestinal tract. It is also possible for a tumor or mass to block the path.

Constipation can even be a result of treating another health problem. For example, some medicines cause constipation. It can also be a side effect of surgery.

Your vet can determine what caused your dog to become constipated. This way, you can treat the source of the problem.

He may suggest changing your pup's diet to include different dog food or eliminating certain treats.

How Can You Prevent Your Dog's Constipation?

Dog ownership involves doing what is best for your pup, including preventing constipation. Start by making sure he gets enough water.

Remember that if your dog only eats dry food, he will need to drink more. You can also boost hydration by switching to wet food.

In addition to what your dog eats, the American Kennel Club and your vet both recommend exercising your dog. Physical activity helps the stool move through the colon.

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