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How to Stop a Puppy from Whining

A whining puppy can break your heart and drive you crazy at the same time. If you give in to the whining, you know it's just going to get worse. Wondering how to stop a puppy from whining? I'm sharing 4 tips that will help you stop the whining, so you and your pup can both be happy and comfortable in your home.

Puppies go through a big adjustment when they leave their litter and move to your home. They are separated from their mother and their litter mates. They will either be the only canine in the home or they will need to adjust to meeting your current pets.

Video Guide - How to Stop a Puppy from WhiningThey have been pulled out of the only environment they have ever known and taken somewhere completely new. You need to have patience with your new puppy. Don't expect too much too quickly. What I mean to say is that every puppy is going to whine from time to time, so it's something you need to be prepared to deal with.

Remember that your dog will react to your emotions. If you become irritated, frustrated and annoyed when you pup whines, he's going to sense that and become more upset himself. It's also a fine line between rewarding his whining and not giving your new pet enough attention.

Learning how to stop a puppy from whining won't happen in a day. Puppy will need time to adjust to his new life, and you'll need to get him used to your lifestyle and routine.

If it seems like your puppy is whining more than ever before or his whining has started suddenly, there may be something wrong with him. If something seems odd about his whining, it's best to seek veterinary advice to ensure everything is okay. Whining is a dog's way of communicating, and it's your job to decipher what it means.

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How to Stop a Puppy from Whining

How To Stop A Puppy From Whining1. Make Sure All Needs are Met

Puppies cry to communicate when they want or need something. If you make sure that all of their needs are met, then you'll eliminate a lot of that unnecessary crying.

You need to be sure that your puppy has eaten and has access to plenty of fresh water. Take him out for regular bathroom breaks, so you know he's not whining because he has to go. Your puppy also needs attention and activity to burn all of that puppy energy.

If you're sure that your puppy isn't hungry, thirsty, needs a bathroom break or wants to burn some energy, then you know all of his needs are met. Now, you can be sure that whatever he is trying to communicate to you is not an urgent matter.

2. Get Him Used to Being Alone

How To Stop A Puppy From WhiningIf your dog doesn't actually need anything and he's in good health, then he's probably crying for one of two reasons: (1) you have left him alone and he doesn't like it or (2) he wants attention and you're not giving it to him.

It's most likely that your dog is whining because he isn't used to being alone. I know it's hard, but the only way to get him used to being alone is to leave him alone. Whether you're crating him or leaving him in a puppy playpen, you'll need to gradually get him used to staying in his designated area all alone.

First, place your dog in his crate or playpen. Then, exit the room without making a fuss. Don't talk to your dog or make baby talk while you're walking away. Just leave.

He will whine for a minute or two, and you'll just have to ignore it. I know it will make you sad, but you can't give in. When he's done whining, you can go back into the room. This is a crucial part of learning how to stop a puppy from whining.

If your dog whines for a long period of time, you'll need to wait for a break in the whining before entering the room again. If you walk back in while he's whining, he'll think that you came back because he was crying for you. This will just reinforce the whining.

Repeat the process of leaving your dog alone for a few minutes and coming back into the room. Gradually, increase the distance that you go and the time your dog spends alone. For example, when you can leave the room without him whining, try going outside for a few minutes.

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How To Stop A Puppy From Whining

3. Don't Give In

If your dog isn't alone and you know that all of his needs are met, he must be whining to get attention. Be sure to give your dog the attention that he deserves, but there will be time when you have other things to do and can't stop to play with your pup.

If this is the case, you'll need to ignore the whining. Give your dog the silent treatment until he stops whining. When he has been silent for a minute. Reward him with praise and cuddles. It won't happen over night, but eventually he will realize that you won't give him attention if he is whining.

4. Reward Silence and Self Play

The final step when learning how to stop a puppy from whining ties everything together. It's easy to pay attention to your puppy when he's whining, but you also need to pay attention when he's entertaining himself.

If your dog is playing quietly by himself, REWARD HIM! Be sure to show your dog that you are pleased when he is playing quietly on his own. You can't just ignore the unwanted behavior and expect Fido to learn. You also need to reward the good behavior to show him what you are expecting of him.

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