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Human and Dogs Heartbeats Align

Human and Dogs Heartbeats Align

As any loving and dedicated pet parent will attest to, their canine companion is so much more than “just a dog.” We love these furry beings like true members of the family and oftentimes feel they may be more intune with us than our significant other, family members or BFF.

This is paramount as our lives become more and more hectic and the world around us is seeming always to be in turmoil. The end result to this sad scenario is more of us are becoming extremely stressed out. In fact, according to studies, one in four people suffer from anxiety. This can range from mild to severe and the onset can sometimes feel like it comes from out-of-the-blue.

But there's good news. Experts are now finding that our best furry friends can not only reduce our stress levels, but also sync up their heartbeats to ours!

Sound improbable?

Human and Dogs Heartbeats Align

A study done by Hearts Aligned, with Dr. Craig Duncan (Human Performance Expert) and Mia Cobb (Canine Welfare Scientist) set out to prove that dogs can connect with their human companion on more than just an emotional level…it goes much deeper. In fact, all the way to our beating hearts.

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Human test subjects were wired and placed on a sofa while the researchers sat off to the side and monitored their heart beats. All three folks measured increased stress and elevated heart rates while sitting alone. Then their “wired” canine companions were allowed to join them.

Remarkably, all human test subjects heart rhythms dropped to meet their dog's.

Dr. Duncan showed the pet parents the aligning heart patterns on a digital graph and was met with an unexpected emotional response; that of joy, happiness and some tears. Cobb was also surprised at the results and was not expecting such a close pattern between human and canine. She was quite impressed as we all should be.

Human and Dogs Heartbeats Align

This just proves what many pet parents have already known…our furry family members do make us feel happy and less stressed. For this reason, doctors are now suggesting that people adopt a pet when they are at risk of certain diseases. Owning an animal can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease.

In addition, a dog gets us off the couch and moving again. Nothing can beat a long walk in the park, swimming in those crystal blue waters or an enthusiastic game of fetch with our best furry pal.

If you're thinking about adding a dog to your life, do so responsibly. Research the best breed for you, then look for a reputable breeder or give a lonely homeless pooch a chance and adopt one from your local animal shelter or rescue organization. These dogs are just waiting to make you their one and only.

If you already have a dog, go give him a big hug and let him know he's truly loved for all the seen and “unseen” benefits he brings to your life.

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