The Hydro Handle Allows You to Easily Get Your Dog a Drink While Out for a Walk

The best inventions take two popular products and merge them into one. This saves consumers time and money. That's exactly what the creator of the Hydro Handle from Absolutely New dog leash did. It is a dog leash with a hollow handle that stores water.

The device is ergonomically designed so that the handle acts as a dog dish, making water accessible to your canine. Walking, and exercising of any kind for that matter, can be strenuous for dogs. Just like you enjoy a refreshing drink while walking, so does your dog. Not to mention that keeping them well hydrated is imperative for their health.

This product makes it simple. At the base of the Hydro Handle is a flip-out water dish and a water dispenser which is activated with the push of a button. At any point during your walk, you can easily take a break and give your dog some needed refreshment.

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