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Inventor Reimagines the Standard Dog Leash

Inventor Reimagines the Standard Dog Leash
Photo: Jason Rearick

Nootools, a company based in New Canaan, Connecticut, was started in 2004 by Mark Noonan after he left the finance service company UBS. 2015 will be the company’s busiest year to date, as they unveil 3 new products, one of which is a new take on a standard dog leash.

The Leash Tamer, was funded through Kickstarter and is set to hit the market this summer. It is made of a material with an original length of two feet, but it can stretch up to 10 feet with no palpable tension. The material itself is stretchy and stays coiled to keep the leash from dragging on the ground. The coil effect also keeps the leash from getting tangled.

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This innovative new design for a dog leash allows the canine to have the freedom that it wants within the leashes radius. Bungee leashes have been on the market for quite some time, but Noonan says that the Leash Tamer is not the same thing.

Bungee leashes teach dogs to pull harder to buy themselves more space, which can be tiring for the dog and physical challenging for the walker. The Leash Tamer only extends to 10 feet and then the dog is no longer able to pull any farther.

The leash is also equipped with built-in rings and a clip that allow the dog walker to shorten the leash to three or six feet if they need to. The same clip and ring system allows the leash to be wrapped around a tree during a pit stop or around the walkers waste for hands free walking, jogging, or running.

Inventor Reimagines the Standard Dog Leash
Photo: Jason Rearick

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Noonan enjoys inventing products to help people solve every day issues. He says that if a product is going to work well it can’t have a lot of extra parts and pieces that you have to keep track of and are easily lost.

The Leash Tamer is Nootools first dog product, or pet product of any kind. However, with the pet technology market steadily growing, Noonan hopes to produce more pet related products in the future. In fact, he is so proud of the Leash Tamer and so sure that it will be a hit with consumers that he wishes that it was the first product he ever marketed.

Unfortunately, the first product he released, more than 10 years ago, was a shovel that pivoted on a wheel, known as the Wovel, but it was heavy and unusual looking. Despite its simple design and careful engineering, the product didn’t sell as well as he hoped it would.

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