Home Dog News Is Your Dog Safe While He’s Out in the Yard?

Is Your Dog Safe While He’s Out in the Yard?

Is Your Dog Safe While He's Out in the Yard
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Do you tie your pet out in the yard when he’s outdoors? When the weather is appropriate, that’s definitely a viable option for pets that have to be tethered at all times. It saves you from having to stand out in the yard with your dog while he does his business, and he’ll also get more exercise if he’s free to move around in a larger area.

Dog owner should NEVER tether their dog for long periods of time – it's simple a way to keep your dog in the yard for short periods of time while he does his business.

Is Your Dog Safe While He's Out in the Yard
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The problem with traditional tie-outs is that they will loosen and come out of the ground sometimes, especially if your dog is puller. IntelliLeash Products, Inc. has figured out a way to correct this problem. If your pet gets loose while tied in the yard, he runs the risk of getting injured, lost or struck by a car. IntelliLeash wanted to find a way to prevent that from ever happening to any dog owner – that’s why they introduced the Intelli-Stayke last month.

The company was incorporated in Delaware back in 2011, and they design innovative, high-quality, unique pet products. Similar products may bend, break, or pull out of the ground, but not the Intelli-Stayke. Its creative design has features that are unmatched by anything else on the market. It provides improved stability in the ground, incredible strength for the largest dogs, and resistance to tangling.

The best feature of the Intelli-Stayke system is its Surface Lock. It looks like a small inverted cup that is pressed into the ground as you twist the stake down. This lock grabs a large mass of earth (10.5 cubic inches) and gives the system more stability than just the thin steel shaft that comprises most tie-out stakes. Traditional tie-out stakes are made from 6mm thick steel, but the Intelli-Stayke is made from chrome plated carbon steel that is a full 10mm thick.

There is a collar molded onto the steel stake that seats firmly into the top of the cup. It locks the steel stake firmly into the center of the cup. This combination provides a raised platform for the leash to “float” on, which eliminates the need for a ring that swivels. On many other similar products the swiveling ring is the weakest part of the system, so IntelliLeash wanted to do away with it.

Is Your Dog Safe While He's Out in the Yard
Photo: prweb.com

The steel that this tie-out is made with is thicker than most, which allows for it to be stronger, and the hook-up location for the leash is also lower to the ground than many other similar products. This makes it much harder to bend the stake. The combination of all of these unique features gives you a much more durable and safer alternative to traditional tie-out systems.

Ask any dog owner who uses a tie-out system and they’ll probably tell you that they’ve chased their pooch around the yard once or twice. Chances are the dog was running with a leash attached to their collar and the tie-out stake attached to the end of the leash. Just talking about this makes me picture a Marmaduke cartoon in my head.

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Trust me you don’t want to be that pet parent. If the Intelli-Stayke is as strong as they say it is, it would be worth the investment. You can order the device right now for $19.99, which is comparatively priced to other similar products. My only concern is the inverted cup piece. It looks like it is made out of plastic, and I am curious as to how durable it is.

I really like the tangle-resistant feature though – no more coming home to your dog tangled up with only 3 feet of leash left to move around with. If you have tried the Intelli-Stayke system, please leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought. How did it compare to similar tie-outs you have tried? Is it what you expected? How does the plastic cup hold up? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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