Keep Your Dog Entertained and Train His Brain with the Buster Activity Mat


Keeping your dog entertained is easily done with treat dispensing and puzzle toys. Your dog will have a lot of fun with these types of toys and they will also help train his brain to stay alert and focused. Interactive toys are taken to a whole new level with the Buster Activity Mat from KRUUSE.

This dog toy is a fun and innovative take on the food puzzle. It is specifically designed to be an interactive toy for dogs and their owners. You just put the mat on the floor, attach the puzzles you'd like to use, fill them with dog treats or kibble, and let your dog enjoy himself trying to manipulate the puzzle to earn his reward.

The puzzles can be switched out so your dog doesn't get bored, and puzzles with an increased difficulty level can also be purchased for an additional challenge. Dogs should always be supervised while playing with the Buster Activity Mat so they don't chew and destroy the puzzles while no one is watching.