Keep Your Dog Inside with the Dog Escape Preventer

It's polite to greet your guests at the door with a smile, but that's not always how it works when you have a dog. Dogs bark, jump, and sometimes try to escape as soon as the door is open. It can be tough to try to control your dog while welcoming people into your home, and with The Dog Escape Preventer from Hammacher Schlemmer, you won't have to.

The product mounts easily to any door frame, whether it is a standard door or a sliding glass door. The unit houses a vinyl barrier that clips to the door and expands when the door is opened, creating a 31-inch high barrier.

Unlike typical pet gates, The Dog Escape Preventer creates a psychological obstacle by preventing your dog from seeing what's outside, causing him to lose interest. The vinyl barrier is puncture- and tear-resistant, and it unclips from the door and automatically retracts to store in the housing unit when not in use.

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