Keep Dog Paws Clean With These Fizzing Tablets

Imagine how much wear and tear your dog's feet go through in a day. The pads of their paws are exposed to hot asphalt, ice and snow, rocks, and many other tough terrains. Now there is a product for dog owners to help remove some of the roughness and dirt and keep paws feeling good.

These Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets from Warren London can be used once or twice a week to wash away dirt, condition the nails, and moisturize the pads of your dog's paws.

They are safe to use in the tub or the sink, and all it takes is a five minute soak to get your dog's paw looking and feeling great. The pads contain tea tree oil, kelp, and sunflower oil. Owners simply place one tablet in a few inches of warm water and let the fizzing action go to work.

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