Keep Your Pet Safe with the Snoozer Luxury Lookout Car Seat

Dog car seats may seem silly to you, but they protect your pet in the same way that a car seat protects a small child. The Luxury Lookout II canine car seat from Snoozer even lifts your pup up so he can see out the window. What dog wouldn't want that?

The seat is made with a microsuede cover that zips off for easy cleaning, and it's available in a variety of colors. The seat comes with a pillow (that also has a removable cover) for extra comfort. It attaches firmly to the car's seat with the seatbelt.

Perhaps the best feature of the booster seat is the pull-out tray located underneath the seat that you can use to store your dog's food, water, or travel accessories. The Luxury Lookout II is designed for pets up to 18 pounds.

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