The KONG Cushion is Much More Comfortable Than a Plastic Cone

If your dog has ever had to have a plastic cone around their neck while they were recovering from an injury, you know all too well how the “cone of shame” makes them feel. KONG, best known for their ultra-tough dog toys, has created the KONG Cushion to give dogs a more comfortable recovery.

The inflatable cushion provides relaxing comfort for your dog during recovery, and it's made from easy-clean material. The air-cushioned collar can be used for injuries, rashes, and post-surgery recovery. It is fully adjustable, and offers better range of motion than a traditional plastic cone.

The KONG Cushion will not interfere with your pet's eating or drinking. It is available in 5 sizes, and as you can see in this video, it should never be fully inflated. Partial inflation provides the best results and ensures your dog will be comfortable.

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