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London Hotel Sets the Bar High for Pet-Friendly Establishments

London Hotel Sets the Bar High for Pet Friendly Establishments
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If you’re a dog owner that enjoys taking your pet with you on vacations and business trips, you probably shop around for the best pet-friendly hotels in the area that you’ll be staying in. Some hotels offer convenient services like dog walking and doggy daycare, but some even take it a step further. The Milestone Hotel in London is setting the bar high for pet-friendly establishments, offering more amenities and services than any other dog-friendly hotel in the world.

Not only are they pet friendly, but the Milestone Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city of London. The building is a magnificent 19th-century architectural gem. It is conveniently located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The Milestone Hotel has created a unique package for dog owners that will ensure that you and your pup have an unforgettable time. They cater to the needs of dogs and their masters in every imaginable way.

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Upon arrival your dog will receive a tailor made welcome basket that includes a dog toy, waste bags, a dog treat, and a Milestone ID tag. You will also get a letter from Jim Cameron, the hotel’s head concierge, which will include all of the hotel’s special pet services and some traveling tips unique to the area.

London Hotel Sets the Bar High for Pet Friendly Establishments
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The Milestone Hotel also offers dog owners their choice of custom made Milestone Hotel pet beds, cushions, and duvets. Pet parents will find floor mats, “Do Not Disutrb/Pet Sleeping” cards, food and water bowls, and turndown treat service in their rooms as well. They can even select food from the in-house pet menu and mineral water to sustain their canine companion during their stay.

For an additional fee you can book dog sitting, dog walking and grooming services. The hotel also offers additional pet treats and toys for an added price. Birthday celebrations, bathrobes, a taxi service, leashes, litter boxes, dog and cat first aid kits, and veterinary services are all offered for a fee as well. Now that’s convenient! This hotel offers just about anything you could possibly need for your dog while you are away from home.

I suppose if you had the resources to afford this kind of vacation, you could bring your pet along so he could enjoy a vacation too. However, most pet parents have enough trouble budgeting for boarding costs while they are out of town, so a 5-star doggy hotel would probably be out of the question. The hotel itself would be a wonderful place to stay, even without your canine companion.

In our family, we leave our dogs at home most of the time, because they like it there. Our adult dog is timid and shy. She is a rescue and easily scared by unknown environments, strange people, and noises she doesn’t recognize. Taking her to a public place would do much more harm than good for her. Traveling without your pets certainly doesn’t make you a bad pet parent!

London Hotel Sets the Bar High for Pet Friendly Establishments
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The Milestone Hotel boasts 44 deluxe guest rooms, 12 luxury suites, and six long-stay apartments. All the rooms offer fine fabrics, antique furnishings, fresh flowers, and rare works of art. Some of the rooms even overlook Kensington Palace and Gardens. The property was a mansion before it became a hotel, and it is still an outstanding example of the elegance, luxury, comfort, and technology that you would expect to find in a property of its caliber. You would have an incredible stay with or without your pet.

Even the finest luxury hotel knows that it has to change with the times, and right now the growing demand for pet-friendly establishments is pushing a lot of businesses to make some serious changes. Pet owners want to bring their dogs with them everywhere they go including to the park, out to eat, and on vacation. Pet-friendly establishments are steadily increasing as a result of the demand.

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