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A London Pet Parlor Launches Doggy Gelato

A London Pet Parlor Launches Doggy Gelato
Photo: The Telegraph

Even dogs need to cool down in the summertime and what better way to cool off than with a delicious frozen treat? One pet store in London’s Farmers Market is serving up doggy-gelato for its four-legged customers. So far the treat is proving to be quite popular with pampered pups.

Pet Pavilion sells three kinds of dog-friendly ice cream including banana and honey, strawberry and apple, and apple, banana, and carrot. Banana and honey is their best-selling flavor. A dish of the frozen delicacy will cost dog owners 3 pounds, or roughly $4.68.

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Alex Saville-Edells, son of Pet Pavilion founders Andrew and Jenny Saville-Edells, says that the family noticed many panting dogs wandering around with their owners in front of their shop, so they decided to offer a treat that owners could purchase to help their dog cool off.

The canine treat does not contain any wheat, dairy, or refined sugar and is 100 percent vegetarian. It is safe for human consumption, but since it isn’t very sweet, the Saville-Edells’ don’t think it would be very tasty. The ice cream also contains aloe vera and flaxseed oil which the family claims helps to cool your dog down.

A London Pet Parlor Launches Doggy Gelato
Photo: The Telegraph

The frozen treats are supplied by Billy & Margot, a natural dog food treat company located in Hampshire. They supply a number of independent pet stores in the London area, but Pet Pavilion is the first to open a doggy ice cream parlor.

Mr. Saville-Edells says that the dog ice cream is a way to bring customers into the shop. He says that pet foods and treats based on human food is all the rage right now because owners are the ones picking out what the dog is eating. If the food and the ingredients are marketed toward human tastes, they are more likely to appeal to consumers.

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He says people think about what they would like when selecting a food or treat for their dog. If the owner thinks it’s hot enough for an ice cream, then they believe their dog would like one too. Likewise, if they enjoy the flavor of banana and honey that is likely the flavor they will choose for their pet.

Pet Pavilion was founded in 1995 and specializes in luxury pet products. They have four stores around West London. The company also offers grooming, spa treatments, pet chauffer services, dog walking services, and much more.

SOURCEThe Telegraph
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