Looking For An Ultra-Secure Dog Crate?

If you’re in the market for a safe and durable dog crate, this may be one of the strongest available. 4pets ProLine Dog Crates are specifically made for car travel, but they’ll provide all the safety and security that your pet will need in any situation. Approved by the rigorous inspection of the TÜV SÜD, an international service corporation that focuses on testing, consulting and training, these dog crates performed outstandingly in crash tests and all other comprehensive tests for canine safety.

There are 13 different models available, so you can choose the design that best meets your pet’s needs and fits in your vehicle. Made in Switzerland, ProLine Dog Crates have a stable aluminum frame that is coupled together with fiberglass-reinforced corner connectors. These dog crates are equipped with multiple wood panels on the sides to ensure proper insulation, and these panels feature a scratchproof coating.

In case of an accident, the back wall is reinforced with an additional safety bar that will prevent the crate from collapsing on your pet. The easy-to-close door is secured with a twist-lock that immediately snaps into place when the door is closed. The long locking bar on the door also adds extra stability in the event of a crash, and it can be operated with one hand – leaving the other free to hold your dog in place until you’re ready to let him out.

There is a built in lock as well so you can keep your dog safe if you’re in a busy public place or you need to leave your pet in the car while you run an errand. The entire crate is maintenance free; even the hinges are made from a self-lubricating plastic-graphite alloy so they never need to be oiled. The aluminum bars provide great ventilation, and the vertical bars on the front and back of the crate allow you to have an unhindered rear view if you’re in the car.

The vertical bars also keep your pet from climbing up onto them or trying to chew on them. 4pets has really put a lot of thought into your dog’s safety, as every part of the ProLine Dog Crate’s interior is rounded to prevent your Fido from getting injured. This crate is also equipped with side panels that keep the dirt and dog hair inside the crate from spilling out and soiling your vehicle. The floor tray is equipped with a special mat that is easy to remove and wash, and the tray itself is resistant to urine and acid.

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