Loving Dog Welcomes Sick Brother to the Family in Most Adorable Way
Photo: Jessica Rojo Savard
Juanita could sense that Timmy, her mom’s new rescue dog, was not at ease, so she did something amazing to let him know everything will be okay.

Juanita is a rescue dog who lives with a cat in the home of dog rescuer Jessica Rojo Savard from Argentina. One day, her mother brought home a sick and tiny dog that had trust issues with humans and was scared of nearly everything around him.

It was clear that his dog lived a life of abuse and neglect. Juanita can apparently sense that Timmy needed extra love, gentleness, and care.

How the sick dog was found
Photo: Jessica Rojo Savard

It also looked like Timmy needed some time to adjust to his new environment. So, Juanita would patiently sit next to the traumatized dog to keep him company, but Timmy would usually run and hide.

Bonding Over Food

But Juanita never gave up on Timmy. The smart dog actually figured out how to win over her new friend. She tried to ease his anxiety by offering her food.

Dogs Bonding Over Food
Photo: Jessica Rojo Savard

During feeding times, Jessica would often place Juanita's food up on a chair. The rescuer deliberately needed to separate Jessica's bowl higher so that Timmy won't try to take it, binge over the food, and make himself sick since his fragile body is still adjusting.

But one day, as Timmy looked at Juanita eating her food on the chair, Jessica saw something amazing taking place between her two dogs. She found Juanita slowly taking nibbles on her dish, which she placed on the care. Carefully, Juanita pushed the food on the floor so that Timmy can have some of what she's eating.

Carefully Juanita pushed the food on the floor so that Timmy can have some of what she's eating
Photo: Jessica Rojo Savard

Jessica said that the moment was so humbling to watch. Juanita's kind gesture helped Timmy grow out of his shell.

Since then, Timmy and Juanita have become like two peas in a pod. They are together all the time and even squeeze into a small bed they share together when sleeping.

How Jessica found Timmy

Jessica saw Timmy's photo while scrolling about dogs for adoption on her Facebook feed sometime in 2016. The pup didn't look like he was all right because Timmy's skin had signs of mange.  His photo caption also stated he was abnormally thin.

But Jessica wanted to take Timmy in even though she already had Juanita and a cat. She instantly felt a connection to this tiny dog, especially after learning that he's been wandering the streets of Argentina for a while.

Without knowing how old the dog is, Jessica got in touch with the shelter and had made arrangements for Timmy’s adoption. However, it took a while for Jessica to bring the dog home because the veterinarians had to make sure that Timmy's mange wasn't contagious anymore.

The poor sick dog was brought into the vet hospital
Photo: Jessica Rojo Savard

At the vet clinic, one of the staff members remarked that Timmy looked like the meerkat from “The Lion King” named Timon, and that's where Jessica named him after.

Timmy's Miraculous Recovery

Slowly, Timmy's health improved with Juanita by his side and Jessica looking after him.  Neighbors and friends who saw the pup at his worst state are often surprised to see how much he has improved.

Jessica said that as Timmy became healthier and healthier, his personality also changed. From a scared and nervous dog, Timmy is now a sweet, happy and well-adjust pooch that loves his walks and marvels at the company of other people.

Saved rescue dog on his way home
Photo: Jessica Rojo Savard

Timmy is also no longer scared of making new friends. In fact, he's got another companion at home. In 2017, Jessica welcomed her daughter, Julia, in the family. The mom revealed that Timmy actually sensed her pregnancy even before she realized she was having a baby.

Jessica also shared that her daughter has warmed up so well to Timmy and would often crawl up to him for the company. It’s really a miracle how well the former emaciated dog is doing now, two years after Jessica brought him home!

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