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Loving Pets Creates Products That Are Beneficial to Pets and Their Owners

It’s no secret that dog owners are looking for higher quality products for their pets. With a laundry list of recent recalls, dog illness rates climbing steadily, and a growing mistrust for manufacturers, it’s no wonder owners are becoming more skeptical of the products available on pet store shelves. Many companies are trying to change that image, and Loving Pets is leading the way.

The company was created in 2005 to fulfill a vision of offering pets and their family’s healthy, high-quality, and affordable treats, bowls, and accessories. They have a new onsite manufacturing facility located in New Jersey. This was always their goal because they want to help bring manufacturing back to the United States, as well as support the economy by providing jobs and working with local pet specialty retailers and pet product retailers.

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Loving Pets manufacturers and produces dog and cat treats that are made with 100% all-natural ingredients and are specially formulated to benefit the animals’ overall health and well-being. The company also offers a proprietary “Tested in the USA” program that certifies the safety and quality of each of their treats.

Loving Pets Creates Products That Are Beneficial to Pets and Their Owners
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They create decorative and functional pet feeding accessories that are made with durable, easy to clean materials. Loving Pets’ main focus is on product innovation and customer satisfaction. They strive to make their products eco-friendly and solution-oriented.

Supporting the pet-loving community is a priority for Loving Pets as well. They give back to pet shelters and pet-related causes in the United States, and they support non-profit organizations as well. They support organizations that benefit pet owners like the Susan G. Komen Foundation and multiple groups that support humans and their animals.

Loving Pets gives back to the Pets for Vets project, an organization that matches veterans with specially selected shelter dogs that match their personality. Professional trainers work with the dogs to teach them basic commands and manners so they will fit in with the veterans’ lifestyle.

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They also work with the Canine Angles Service Dogs organization, which also matches veterans with shelter dogs. However this program also trains their dogs to become service dogs and assistance animals. Fully trained service dogs are valued at about $20,000, but veterans and first responders can obtain a dog for free through this program.

These are just a few of the organizations that Loving Pets works with, and they also give back to local area shelters in New Jersey. Not only are they concerned with providing pet parents and their canine companions with top-quality treats and supplies, but they are also committed to making a difference with animals around the world.

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