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Video: Man Drags a Dog Tied to His Moving Truck

Drivers riding behind a truck were shocked when they saw this horrific display of animal abuse happening right before their very eyes.

On Sunday night, February 10th, a pickup truck was seen dragging a white dog behind it on the roads of Jalan Kota in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. The pup’s neck was attached to the car via a leash, and the animal was being pulled alongside the hard and rough asphalt ground.

A driver riding behind the vehicle took the video (below), spanning 42 seconds, of the shocking scene. The recording soon wound up on Facebook, where it quickly went viral and was seen by many outraged social media users.


The incident was soon reported to police the next afternoon, just before 4 pm. Superintendent Razlan Abdul Hamid, the acting Officer in Charge of the Police District for Taiping, stated that the man responsible for the act was arrested shortly after the report. He is now being questioned by officers.

Police questioned the owner of the vehicle, the son of the 58-year-old man taken into custody. The aforementioned son said that his father had expressed the desire to dump the dog and abandon it for a while now due to its misbehavior. The poor pup’s crime? Biting at cables around the house.

The dog has lived with the man since it was one year old, which makes this act, if proven to be intentional, even more heartbreaking. When interrogated about his treatment of the pooch, the 58-year-old father claimed that he had not been aware that his dog was being helplessly dragged behind his car. He suggested that the dog had fallen off the back after being poorly secured to the truck’s rear compartment.

It's possible that this was a case of negligence, not animal abuse. The investigation is still ongoing, and it is unknown whether this man will face any charges for his negligence. There is, currently, no news regarding the health or condition of the dog. For now, there is no way to tell whether his statements about the whole incident being accidental have any truth to them. This saddening case will be investigated under Malaysia’s animal cruelty laws, namely the Animals Act’s Section 44(1)(a).

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