Severely Hurt Dog Shot in the Face and Left for Dead in the Woods Has Been Rescued
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A dog shot in the face and left to die in the woods is on the road to recovery.

Milo is a one year old pooch who is currently in recovery after he was cruelly shot in the face before being dumped in the woods and left to die.

The dog was very deliberately shot, as his wounds show. From the damage done to him, it is obvious that someone shot the pup from up, aiming downwards – essentially attempting to kill the pup execution style. This means someone genuinely wanted to hurt and harm this innocent pup.

Mile the dog that was shot
Florida Urgent Care /

Milo was picked up by Florida Urgent Rescue, or FUR, from where he had been thrown out and left for dead in Putnam County. The pup was rushed to a veterinary hospital located in Jacksonville Beach so he could undergo surgery.

Judging by the state of his injuries, the pup had, somewhat miraculously, been surviving on his own in the woods for weeks on end after the attempt on his life was taken. The bullet in question had thankfully not fatally harmed him, as it entered through his snout’s top, went through his mouth’s roof, and exited through the side of his neck, leaving a very large wound. In the process, the bullet shattered his jaw bone and many of his teeth.

Life-saving surgery was then performed on Milo. Sadly, a portion of the dog’s jaw had to be removed as a result of a bad infection. The good news is that things are looking up and Milo is expected to make a complete recovery within a number of weeks.

You would think that being hurt and betrayed by a person would make Milo wary of humans, but it’s quite the opposite! The dog is extremely gentle and loves to cuddle, constantly asking for love and affection and sweetly giving just that in turn. It’s impossible to fathom how anyone would want to harm him.

Organizations like FUR are responsible for saving so many lives, and Milo is just one of the many survivors they’ve rescued from situations involving animal cruelty. You can adopt or foster the animals they’ve rescued, help transport them to new destinations, or donate through their website.

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