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13 Dog Rescue Stories That’ll Bring Tears of Joy

It's always heartwarming to read animal rescue stories. These are reminders that despite what's happening in the world, kindness and hope still exist.

Here are 13 dog rescue stories that will surely make you cry happy tears.

1. Skipper, Corgi

Skipper the Iowa Castaway Corgi
Skipper the Iowa Castaway Corgi

Though Skipper died in 2016 due to an unexplained condition, he spent nearly eight years of his life in a loving home, after a harrowing experience at a puppy mill. Skipper was one of the Iowa Castaways rescued from a life of abuse in 2008. His human helped him overcome his fears and distrust of other people. Skipper spent his prime as a loving and enthusiastic dog, who was able to put his years of abuse behind him.

2. Chad, Jack Russell

Chad, Jack Russell

Chad's former owner abandoned him and a few other dogs when the family moved houses. Because no one was in control, the dogs often fought each other for survival. But Chad became the protector of another dog that rescuers named Clarisse. She, unfortunately, did not survive while getting treatments for injuries and infection. Meanwhile, Chad became a fearful dog as a result of his abandonment and experience with aggression. However, he slowly he recovered from his trauma in foster care and eventually found his forever home.

3. Harley, Chihuahua

Harley, Chihuahua

Harley had incurred many major health problems because of neglect and mistreatment at a puppy mill until rescuers took care of him. He became the poster pet for puppy mill rescues and was always featured sharing a freedom ride with his human, Teddy, on social media. When Harley passed away in 2016, Teddy created Harley's Dream in his honor. Teddy has made sure Harley’s legacy lived on through the numerous rescues that he and his staff at Harley’s Dream conduct regularly.

4. Otis, unknown breed

Otis, unknown breed
Krystal Noel Finneran

Otis was surrendered to a shelter as a puppy under a difficult circumstance. His owners needed to give up their dogs to care for their sick child. Fortunately, Otis was adopted to a loving family. While they never had dogs before Otis came into their lives, he more than filled the hearts of his humans and rescued them from the loneliness of losing a loved one.

5. Lily, Greyhound

Lily, Greyhound
National Mill Dog Rescue

Lily had it bad when rescuers found her. Not only did she look terrified of humans, she was born with a facial deformity. Her plight highlighted the irresponsibility of puppy mills. Though Lily survived for 15 months only, she spent her final days with a rescuer who allowed her to experience the love and life she deserved.

6. Whiskey, Terrier mix

Whiskey, Terrier mix
Brittany Engeldinger

Whiskey was supposed to be euthanized for heartworm and aggression. His previous owners wanted him put down and workers at the clinic also said he was a destructive pup. But despite warnings, a human fell in love with him and agreed to foster the dog in the beginning. She, however, became his forever mom. Whiskey has learned to curb his destructive behavior since and has also been free of heartworms.

7. Ella Bean, unknown breed

From living in a kill shelter, Ella Bean is enjoying the best dog life in a luxury apartment in New York, where her rescue family lives. Ella Bean has become an Instagram star with more than a hundred thousand followers. And as any typical New Yorker, Ella Bean loves fashion, food and partying. She’s one lucky dog, indeed!

8. Tessa, unknown breed

Rescuers found Tessa in such a bad state. Apart from dehydration and malnourishment, Tessa could not see and walk. Tests showed that she had water in the brain (hydrocephalus), which affected her development and quality of life. Tessa, however, fought for her life and stunned rescuers when she learned to walk and run. Eventually, she learned to have a normal life. When humans did not give up on Tessa, she became motivated to survive.

9. Toast, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Toast became the world's first dog supermodel, according to her Instagram profile. Rescued from a puppy mill in 2011, Toast became a well-loved social media star that had a memorable dog wedding online with another rescue named Finn. She crossed to the rainbow bridge last December 2017.

10. Pacino, Pit Bull

Pacino, Pit Bull
Brittany Elder

Pacino was used as a bait dog for years. His former owners wanted to euthanize him when he became aggressive and useless during fights. However, a family decided to adopt Pacino, as well as shoulder the surgeries and medical treatments he needed because of his injuries. Pacino is actually a sweet-natured, well-behaved angel who developed his confidence back after his adopted family showed him how dogs should be treated.

11. Hope, unknown breed

Hope, unknown breed
Cassie Hezel

Rescuers took five days to contain Hope, who was wandering at a wildlife preserve with a broken hip. She was so thin when she was taken in that the outline of her ribs were sticking out of her body. But after surgery and care at her foster mom's home, Hope is now with her forever family.

12. Sandy, terrier

Sandy, terrier
Tyra Damm / Dallas News

Sandy was just newly adopted into her forever family but she's already filling the hearts of her owners with so much joy, especially after they lost their beloved pet. Sandy's mom was initially hesitant to adopt a new dog but there have been no regrets. The pup keeps every member of the family company and she receives endless love and attention from each of them.

13. Otto, German Shepherd-Lab mix

Otto, German Shepherd-Lab mix
David Brandon Smith / People

A film writer in Hollywood adopted Otto from a Los Angeles shelter around 2012 and since then, the dog has traveled and visited movie sets where his owner worked. Otto is actually the brother of Bogart, Meghan Markle's rescue dog, who stayed behind in America when she moved to London with Prince Harry. The last time Otto saw his brother was when they were month-old puppies and the duchess asked Otto's owner if they could reconnect.

Final Thoughts

These stories have inspired so many others to also rescue and adopt dogs from puppy mills and shelters. There are still thousands of pets in need of a loving, forever home, which is why rescuers and animal activists want you to adopt, instead of buy from breeders or shops.

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13 Dog Rescue Stories That’ll Bring Tears of Joy

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