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Grab the Tissues for This Dog Rescue Video

Grab the Tissues for This Dog Rescue Video
Photo: Let's Adopt! Global

She was found in the trash, used for breeding and bait, but her recovery is unbelievable! Penny is a dog that was rescued by a good Samaritan. She had been homeless for a few years after carrying multiple liters of puppies.

You're not going to believe the before and after photos of this sweet girl!

Her teeth were flattened so she couldn’t defend herself, and her scars show that she was used as a bait dog. This is a horrible thing for any dog to experience. She was extremely submissive and had developed bacterial infections causing her skin to look the way it did.

Penny was housebroken though, so the rescue workers knew she had been with a family at some point. After years on the street her health was terrible, and rescuers believed she was going to die. When they found her on a mattress surrounded by trash, it was hard to see her in so much pain.

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Grab the Tissues for This Dog Rescue Video
Photo: Let's Adopt! Global

As you watch the video, which is about seven minutes long, you might cry as you see this dog undergo an incredible transformation. It’s hard to believe she is the same dog. She was broken hearted and depressed because of her treatment and abuse. The rescue workers at Let's Adopt! Global made it a point to capture this story so it could inspire more rescues.

Have you ever seen a dog so close to death turn around and become so happy and playful? You would never have guessed a black lab with a big smile and shiny coat was inside that sad Penny they originally found. Now she runs and plays on the beach, she is happy and healthy and recovered from her trauma. The love that humans give to dogs can make such a difference.

As this sad video with a hopeful ending has gone viral through Facebook, people’s hearts are opening and they are realizing that we do need to do more for the animals in our country that are abused and used for fighting. Penny’s story is teaching us to have more compassion for these loving animals. If you are compelled to do more for dogs like Penny, here are some ideas of ways you can help:

  • consider donating to shelters
  • help start a fundraiser
  • adopt an animal
  • volunteer
  • encourage friends to adopt or vounteer
Grab the Tissues for This Dog Rescue Video
Photo: Let's Adopt! Global

Finally, sharing stories like Penny's on your feed will help shed light on dog cruelty and get more people thinking about these issues. Advocate for dogs in your town and be a voice for the voiceless. Penny gives back so much love and is a great companion. Maybe there is a dog just waiting for you.

You can find Let's Adopt! Global on Facebook. Following their page will give you up to date information on their organization and may inspire you to give back to the rescue organizations in your community.

You can also capture dog rescue stories and post them online. See what your local community is doing and share their story. You can help the rescue workers just by sharing the love and energy they are showing to the dogs out of the goodness of their hearts. Social media is helping to make huge headway on these issues, because people are connecting to the stories.

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